Continuous backup

All production database servers are configured to have a standby (backup) instance in a different Availability Zone (AZ). Each AZ runs on its own physically distinct infrastructure, these zones are configured to provide independent Power, network and lighting and fire suppression environments.

Should any primary server become affected by a zone issue, the server will switch to ‘warm’ backup operating from a different zone. All clients will automatically switch to the new server with no loss in service. has tested this, both within test and production environments and it is 100% effective. Monitoring is monitored 7/24/365 by several internal and external monitoring tools to ensure issues are identified as soon as possible which touches more than 700 points within the Systems. is monitored externally via Pingdom and DataDog. All alerts are monitored 7/24/365 by OpsGenie alerts.

The Teamwork Applications on the application servers are also actively triggered on out-of-bounds and unusual events within the actual processing stream. All infrastructure assets are scanned for vulnerabilities and open ports by internal scanners and 3rd party vulnerability assessment service.

Customers are allowed to perform their own penetration tests on systems by scheduling them with the and AWS security engineers.

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