Why Teamwork Projects is a better alternative to Smartsheet

Why choose Teamwork Projects over Smartsheet?

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If you’re simply looking for a spreadsheet functionality from your project management tool, then Smartsheet is the tool for you. But if you need a more robust and feature-based and user friendly project management platform, Teamwork Projects will be a better fit for you and your team. Many teams find that Smartsheet isn’t very intuitive or visually pleasing to use, and they end up relying on community-made templates to bend the product in a way that works for them. This is time consuming and not user friendly

Teamwork Projects is project management software that lets you work your way, so you can focus on delivering results. If you want your team to work together beautifully, sign up for Teamwork Projects today.

The interface is intuitive, very easy to use and to find things. It makes organizing projects and assets a breeze for all team members.

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Teamwork Projects vs Smartsheet:

Everything you need to consider when comparing Teamwork Projects and Smartsheet.

You can add potential risks to projects with Teamwork Projects compared with Smartsheet

Risk management

There are no options to add risk management information in Smartsheet. This makes mitigating problems a struggle. Teamwork Projects allows you to add potential risks to all projects. This gives you the chance to prepare for any eventuality that could affect your outcomes.

Better time tracking with Teamwork Projects versus Smartsheet

Time tracking

Smartsheet offers no option to natively track time. This can cause difficulties for project managers to see where their team’s time is being spent. Teamwork Projects allows you to track time on all tasks to give you full visibility over your projects and help you identify where you can make changes to increase your efficiency where needed.

Log billable time of a project with Teamwork Projects

Better billing

There is no option to bill or create invoices in Smartsheet. You will need additional third-party apps if you want this functionality. Teamwork Projects allows you to log billable time, add this to an invoice and export it to your clients all in one space, at no extra cost.

Better communication with Teamwork Projects compared with Smartsheet

Stronger communication

Communication is difficult in Smartsheet due to its complex grid layout. You can comment on your sheets, but there is no easy way to instantly collaborate with your team. Teamwork Projects has built in notebooks, messages, and an instant Embedded Chat — all designed to help your team work together beautifully.


Strencom triples their NPS score and improves client satisfaction with Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects has directly increased Strencom’s client satisfaction by making it easier for their clients to check project progress, provide feedback and approvals, and communicate with the Strencom team, all in one central place.

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Overall Quality

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Superb project management tool with so many interesting features

Martha Batruny, IT Manager, Perficient

I would say Teamwork Projects is the easiest way of setting up new tasks as well as projects. It also helps me in managing my whole team and monitoring various activities. It enables the users to work happily and comfortably on different projects. Moreover, it helps us in creating schedule and set up other priorities too.

Comments (Benefits)

Overall Teamwork Projects is entirely a very useful product which is equally helpful for both small as well as medium companies. So it is highly recommended to others.

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Teamwork Projects is a rounded system that offers you more.

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Teamwork Projects provides more power to achieve your goals.

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