AppStorm says it's very intuitive

March 26, 2015 reviewed in July 2010. "Teamwork Project Manager is a solid and dependable project management app which is extremely simple and very intuitive. I am pretty sure it will be just be minutes before you can start managing the project after signing up."... read more

Appvita give us 5 out of 5 (wow)

March 26, 2015

What Teamwork PM does, it does very well so you should feel confident that you've found an application that can be used over the long haul. The site also seems very open to customer feature requests and more importantly, actually acting on these requests which is a refreshing alternative to many stodgy desktop software companies. read more


Basecamp vs Teamwork PM : Why we packed up camp and moved

March 26, 2015

When Basecamp announced the release of "new basecamp" I have to admit that I was quite excited. I haven't been a fulltime basecamp user for all that long, but it was definitely long enough to experience its shortcomings. New Basecamp looks good. In particular it looks like they have tackled the user interface in a way that might stop you feeling swamped by your projects. However there is one massive shortfall for me: New Basecamp has no time-tracking... read more

Cloud Ave

Cloud Ave love the response time

March 26, 2015

"The GUI looks good, response time is quick and all basic required project management features are included. You can really see that these guys have done their homework; defensive design, confirmations after AJAX submits, iCal feeds, RSS feeds and just overall a slick interface." read more

AboutCom say there are features that make us stand out

March 26, 2015

These are the features that make Teamwork PM stand out from other Web based project management software: More Features and Cheaper Than Basecamp - There are many upstart services trying to copy Basecamp. Teamwork PM is one of the better ones.
Unlimited Companies and Users - Some online project management tools limit the number of active users allowed in their plan pricing. read more

SitePoint like that we have the roadmap online

March 26, 2015

One of our own favourite sites for developers had a feature called "16 Project Management Tools That Make Juggling Easy" and Teamwork Project Manager was short-listed with 2 other applications as their favourites. We are delighted with their review: "Teamwork Project Manager is another very strong project management tool with a responsive company behind the wheel and great customer service. They reply quickly to questions and feature requests and have a roadmap of the up-and-coming enhancements available online." read more


We Rock Your Web ranked us No.1

August 26, 2016

"Teamwork Projects takes our top spot for best project management software with great customer support and an affordable price. This cloud-based project management program offers every feature a team will need including" read more

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