What is quality in agency project management?

Quality (in agency project management) definition

Quality refers to the degree to which a project meets the defined requirements, expectations, and objectives set by both the agency and the client. It's not just about delivering a completed project; it's about ensuring the end result aligns with the highest standards and satisfies the client's needs. Central to achieving this level of quality is the concept of quality assurance. Quality assurance is a systematic approach that focuses on processes, best practices, and standards to ensure that the project delivers the desired outcomes consistently. It’s a proactive measure, emphasizing preventing defects over fixing them.

Quality assurance vs. quality control

While both quality assurance and quality control are paramount to ensuring project excellence, they serve distinct roles in agency project management:

Quality assurance (QA): QA is process-oriented. It focuses on the development of the project, ensuring that the right procedures and standards are in place from the outset. By regularly reviewing processes and offering recommendations for improvements, QA aims to prevent defects before they arise. In essence, quality assurance ensures that the project is doing the right things, the right way.

Quality control (QC): On the other hand, QC is product-oriented. It is about inspecting the final output or deliverables of the project to identify and rectify defects. Through various testing and review methods, QC ensures that the end product meets the set quality standards and is free from errors. In other words, quality control ensures that the project does things right.

In the landscape of agency project management, having both robust quality assurance processes and diligent quality control measures ensures that projects not only meet but exceed client expectations. Platforms like play a pivotal role in facilitating both these aspects by offering features that help agencies maintain and elevate the quality of their projects.

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