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How Teamwork Spaces helps Pravda Media Group build business initiatives flawlessly

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Pravda Media Group
Tel Aviv, Israel

Pravda Media Group is the kind of digital marketing agency that’s constantly refining their processes to find ways to surpass last year’s performance. A few years ago, they increased productivity by 40% after switching from Basecamp to Teamwork, which allowed them to scale their services to grow their own business as well as their clients’.

During this process, Kfir Pravda, CEO at Pravda Media Group in Tel Aviv, Israel, started to learn more about Teamwork Spaces and how it could integrate with Teamwork, which opened even more doors to efficiency and collaboration magic.

Reaching for better

Even with improved workflows, there were still small gaps in communication at Pravda Media Group that Kfir wasn’t sure how to tighten up, especially between top-level executives and his team of experts. It was easy to forget if a crucial idea or important file was shared through Dropbox, Google Docs, or Slack, and it was difficult to retrieve the details quickly, especially on tight deadlines.

What’s more, while Teamwork helped the team to complete their projects and manage their day-to-day work, Kfir was also looking for a place where he could map out the big picture strategy for his business, centralize all of the team’s documents, and outline the process they used every day in Teamwork. And he wanted something that would integrate seamlessly with Teamwork, so he could ensure that every task helped to move the business towards their long-term goals.

Kfir developed the StarAlign methodology to drive his team’s success and support them as they took each project from the ideation phase through planning, execution, adjustments, review processes, and to a final on-time delivery. His team adapted to StarAlign practices quickly, but they were searching for tools that allowed for better real-time collaboration among distributed team members and streamlined communication platforms.

When Kfir came to visit us at the Teamwork HQ in Cork, he saw first hand how Teamwork Spaces had been revolutionizing knowledge sharing and collaboration. After seeing how many ways Teamwork Spaces could cut through communication clutter and distribute essential information, he knew that he needed to roll it out to his own team.

"“I started to understand exactly how Teamwork Spaces could give more structure to our own processes and strengthen the StarAlign methodology that was making a positive impact in our work,”

Ideas take flight

Almost immediately, Kfir saw how Teamwork Spaces could solve one of the biggest challenges he faced as a CEO — helping his team remain focused on each project’s impact and KPI, which could easily get lost in a sea of discussions and changes during the natural evolution of the project.

“We needed to have a single repository of documented processes within the company, including documentation of what was implemented for each specific client with the relevant screenshots, that was simple to access,”

Teamwork Spaces became that single source of truth, allowing team members to sort out all of this crucial information and place images, notes, and tasks all in one document in a clean, intuitive layout. When questions about strategy cropped up, team members didn’t have to search for specific details and confirmation of decisions. Every point of the process was outlined clearly so people could focus on whether or not the tasks and outcomes they were completing were aligned with the strategy.

The document structure within Spaces automatically gave meeting notes with clients or team members a level of organization that had previously been missing or inconsistent, despite their best efforts. Essential material is placed right at the top, updates can be added easily, and everyone can literally be on the same (virtual) page. And as processes evolve, existing material can be adjusted rapidly. Kfir and his team found that sharing information from client meetings or team discussions was suddenly simpler, because everything was in one place.

And because that knowledge is now formatted in an intuitive, easy-to-read structure, Kfir has found that employee engagement has increased.Not only that, but Kfir has found that it’s even helped them to structure their own thinking more clearly and improve their processes through the StarAlign framework.

In the ideation phase for a new project, Spaces is now the go-to platform. Executives can lock down the key vision, strategies, stakeholders and outcomes, and then pass those along to directors and team experts, who determine the necessary tasks within Teamwork. The structure within Teamwork then provides day-to-day direction to ensure that the details of planning, execution, and review don’t slip through the cracks.

The team quickly adopted Spaces to streamline their communication and processes as well. Within that collaborative platform, team members could put together training videos for new employees (complete with videos!), sort out details for the rollout of a new marketing strategy, and then explain a solution sell using the organized, interactive format.

Another way that Pravda Media Group uses Teamwork Spaces internally is in their human resources department and to simplify onboarding processes. Instructions for filling out required documents, like GDPR protocols, are presented in an engaging way to new team members and can be marked as Required Reading, along with an embedded task list of actions they need to complete as part of their training or onboarding.

Knowledge sharing, perfected

Pravda Media Group has found that Teamwork Spaces has impacted every facet of the company. New employees are onboarded faster. Projects are built and launched on shorter timelines. Access to information has been streamlined, and the information itself is more impactful.

The difference that using Teamwork Spaces to their ideation process has made is significant.

" “There’s more alignment among our team, and it makes it much easier to follow our best practices”

Using Teamwork Spaces and Teamwork together has placed his team on the leading edge of another achievement: flexible working hours. Work-from-home and situations and distributed teams are not common in Israel, but the level of collaboration and information sharing they’ve attained allowed each team member to work from any time zone or location.The software integration has also fostered more collaborative knowledge-sharing, and allowed Pravda Media Group to leverage their previous learnings more effectively.

“Using Teamwork Spaces, we’re able to better streamline and share important information across the business. It’s helped us with everything from HR policies to project planning.”

“There are so many practical ways that Teamwork Spaces makes our jobs easier every day.”

– Kfir Pravda, CEO of Pravda Media Group

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