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Managing 50+ clients efficiently is no easy feat — Here’s how is using Teamwork to streamline their processes

Managing 50+ clients efficiently is no easy feat — Here’s how is using Teamwork to streamline their processes
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Digital Marketing Agency
Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Teamwork enabled to deliver, scale quickly, and provide measurable results to clients by organizing their projects and providing greater visibility than ever before.

Who are is a specialist SEO and PPC agency that uses data to produce ROI-driven campaigns for their diverse range of clients.

The agency has a global presence and works with clients from all around the world, offering their expertise on campaigns in a wide variety of sectors. 

Aaron Crewe, Managing Director of, recently caught up with us to discuss how Teamwork has enabled his team to manage processes and outputs for 50+ retainer clients effortlessly, allowing the team to focus on providing excellent service.

Scaling quickly and smoothly with Teamwork

Aaron knew he needed a project management system that worked for him and his team when he found that the use of spreadsheets and DropBox couldn’t keep up with his growing list of clients. Following a pitch from novi’s Process Manager, Aaron began considering the idea of using a project management tool to help manage the process and delivery of their services as they grew and evolved.

The team kicked off their search for the perfect project management system by trialing CRM tools like Hubspot and cloud-based collaboration tools such as SharePoint. While this helped with managing their workload, it did little to offer visibility into their processes, layout actions, and next steps — a feature that Aaron and his team required as they scaled quickly.

Cue, Teamwork!

Right off the bat, Aaron and his team were drawn to Teamwork’s exceptional customer services. “Teamwork’s customer support is second-to-none!”

Aaron’s confidence in Teamwork grew when he was met with our solution-driven approach to solving problems. “If we're presented a problem, we'll provide a solution rather than focus on the problem. And that's really what we find from Teamwork support.”

The team quickly warmed up to Teamwork’s tools and began using Teamwork Spaces to onboard their clients from the get-go. This tool enabled them to gain full visibility into each client’s onboarding process and store important documents such as contracts. The capabilities offered by Teamwork Spaces were just what Aaron and his team needed in a project management platform that also acted as their CRM and sales tool.

Teamwork’s wide array of features were also a big hit with his team when it came to managing the workload of each individual in the agency. With Teamwork, each task that is set, is delegated to a member of the team and therefore is accounted for. Aaron was also particularly reliant on the Gantt project planner for reporting, as it gave him complete visibility of the tasks executed for each client.

A tool that delivered results

Aaron and his team pride themselves on achieving high-quality results for their clients, and Teamwork allowed them to do just that. Teamwork’s ability to report the status of each task and process was key in allowing the team to demonstrate their work to their clients, and read the pulse on each account at the end of the month.

When asked about which software he could see himself using if Teamwork did not exist, Aaron enthusiastically replied:

"What reassured us throughout the pre-Games planning and Games-time operations was Teamwork’s reliable and prompt customer service. The system worked as promised, but whenever an issue came up, Teamwork replied and resolved it promptly."

While Aaron and his team were impressed by Teamwork’s features, tools, and customer service, they were most engaged with the platform because of its capability to scale at the same rate as

"What sets you apart is the iterative nature of the platform — we are able to adapt and evolve whilst making sure that the platform keeps up as well.”