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March has been an exceptionally busy month for us here at Teamwork. We’ve been working on some really exciting projects, pun intended, over the last while and we’re delighted to finally bring them to you. 

After months of development, we’re ecstatic to introduce our new native iOS and Android apps! The new apps allow users to complete their work, no matter where they are, at any time of the day. 

We’ve also introduced:

  • The new Task Table View

  • Added filters to our Project Health Report 

  • Released the Planned vs. Actual Tasks Report

  • Updates to the project navigation capability—apply your preferences to all projects

  • New integration with SoftSync

  • Enhanced ticket search functionality in Teamwork Desk

  • Added the ability to highlight your background text in ticket replies and help docs articles in Teamwork Desk.

Download the new, beautifully designed native mobile app

We’ve just launched our new iOS and Android native mobile apps. With a strong focus on its elegant design, the apps were built with performance and ease-of-use in mind, so you’ll have an exceptional user experience. The new app is centered on helping you successfully get work done from anywhere, at any time.

Manage your work more efficiently with the new Task Table View

Introducing your new Task Table View in beta! With inline editing, quick and easy table sorting and customizable columns, your team can view and manage work more efficiently. Check out our new Table View now! We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Newest Planned vs Actual Report - Tasks

Introducing our new Planned vs Actual Tasks Report! This report helps keep track of how your tasks are progressing against how they were originally planned. With a clear view of your planned delivery vs actual progress, you can easily assess performance across your team—ensuring efficient and profitable project delivery.

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Manage your tabs across every project with ‘Apply to all projects’ 

After we introduced the feature to reorder your project tabs, we heard your feedback and took it a step further! You can now manage your tabs across all your projects! With the click of a button, apply your project tab preferences to all projects within your account.

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Enhanced Project Health Reports with the addition of filters

Our new Project Health Report filters allow users to filter by tag, category, company, starred projects, and late projects. You will also have the option to exclude completed projects. Stay tuned for more filters across all our reports coming soon!

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Synchronize Jira and Teamwork in minutes with SoftSync!

Our latest integration is taking out the manual work of bridging the gap between Teamwork and Jira by syncing the two together. Eliminate siloed work and gain a real-time view of all of your processes and activities across both platforms. Sync task details, comments, attachments, and time logs between both, and never miss a beat! 

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Easily find your tickets with our improved ticket search 

Save time by easily locating the tickets that you need with our improved ticket search function. If you tag everything and want to ensure you haven’t missed anything, you can filter by untagged tickets. You can also filter by an exact phrase and use boolean operators to refine your search. 

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Highlight your background text in ticket replies and help docs articles

You can now highlight important text and action points in replies and articles from the ticket editor and the help doc editor. As we only support black text in the editors, the palette of background colors are pastel, which helps viewers easily read the content.

Introducing a FREE toolset to help organize your business

Put a stop to meandering meetings. Manage your business goals and rally your team behind a common vision. Build and visualize the organizational structure that fits your business and track your core KPIs over time. All in one place. Free forever. Get started from here.

Your favorite updates in one product webinar

Did you miss yesterday’s webinar with Teamwork’s Head of Product and Teamwork Desk’s Product Manager? No biggie. Catch up on all the latest releases and get insight into what we’re developing over the next quarter in the Teamwork product round-up webinar. 

We hope you get great benefits from these updates, if you have any feedback or questions, please, leave us a comment below in the comments area or email us at support@teamwork.com.

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