Introducing’s new, beautifully designed native project management mobile app

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Here at, it’s our mission to make our customers efficient, organized, profitable, and happy! In order to achieve this, we continuously strive to offer the best project management software in the market. In line with recent trends and changes to the working norm caused by the pandemic, our customers, especially client and service-side users, are defining new terms for working from home. This trend has many organizations continuing to focus even more on mobile.

Incorporating these changes, in conjunction with our mission, we're delighted to announce the launch of our new, fully-native Android and iOS mobile apps. These apps are beautifully designed and centered on helping you collaborate on and complete your work from anywhere, at any time.  

Performance and ease-of-use were our two main goals for the apps, and each (iOS | Android) offers customers an exceptional user experience.

Let's take a closer look at the apps

We’ve been working closely with our customers to identify and build the essential features needed for your workflow. Combined with a sleek user interface, the new apps offer a seamless user experience that allows you to easily get your work done and stay on top of your day. 

Project homepage

Once you open the app, you’re immediately on your home page. This gives you a brief and instant overview of what your day includes, from daily tasks to meetings to milestones. From here, you can quickly navigate to all other areas of the app.

My Day

My Day brings together all your important information for the day on one screen. This feature highlights what tasks need attention, what milestones are due, and what meetings you have in your calendar. My Day also displays the length of time left before your next meeting so you can stay focused on getting your project work done.

Calendar - full view

From your weekly or monthly calendar view, you can easily see all upcoming meetings. Simply tap on a day in the calendar to view all of the events for that date — and if that’s too many, you can easily switch over to viewing just your own upcoming meetings. Now you can seamlessly plan essential meetings around you and your team. The app also gives you the ability to quickly add in meetings from wherever you are to ensure you keep momentum on your key projects.


If you’ve been away from your screen for a while, whether it’s engaged in a specific task, or out on a quick walk to get the creative juices flowing, the notifications features provides access to the information shared, and work completed, while you were away. This helps you to stay on top of what’s been done, so you can get up to date faster. And if there is something important in the thread that you cannot get to, simply swipe, tap, and add a reminder for yourself to review the task later so you don’t forget any important information.

Projects and Task Lists 

As the core of, the Projects and Tasks Lists section is rich with functionality. Whether it’s adding or reviewing key information, you can easily access your important projects, tasks, messages, files, and notebooks and more. Here the team took full advantage of the native apps and created a beautiful version of the Board View so you can easily visualize your progress. 

Quick Adds

Whether you want to quickly create a new project, add a task, put time in for a meeting, write a message, or log billable or non billable time, you can just select the Quick add button and get it done. This is just another way the app helps prevent distractions and unnecessary work.

Quick Search

Need to find information in an instant? Whether you want to focus within a specific project or search your entire account, use Quick Search tofind exactly what you need without trawling through all your projects. 

Excited! - Where can I download the app? 

We’ve listed just some of the newly included features in the app, but it doesn’t stop there. Our team will continuously update both the Android and iOS apps with new features or updates launching approximately every three weeks. 

Download the app for free today and see what all the buzz is about! All existing users can go to their respective app stores, (iOS | Android), download, login, and immediately enhance how you collaborate, communicate, and deliver projects on time from mobile. 

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Work from anywhere’s new, beautifully designed native project management mobile app are centered on helping you collaborate on and complete your work from anywhere, at any time.

Download now

Whether you’re a company owner, team lead, project manager, or individual contributor, our new app gives you the ability to enhance your project management and execution and helps you to easily stay on top of your day, keeping you organized, efficient and happy. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this launch, and please let us know if you have any questions, by simply adding a comment in the comments area below or email us at

For any customers transitioning from our old apps, we’ve included some further information here if you would like to review.

Once you begin to use the new app, please share your feedback — Android users can access the feedback section in the “drawer,” while iOS users can leave feedback via the Global Home options. Your feedback will help us ensure we are delivering the most important features for you.

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