Say hello to the updated Planning Overview

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Today, we’re excited to roll out a brand new look and feel to the Planning Overview. It’s the same report you know and love, only we’ve given it a glow-up and boosted functionality to help you report on resourcing data alongside time, capacity, and staffing information.

Before we jump in, let’s remind ourselves of why we would use the Planning Overview? It’s the one place across all of that provides a single view to understand your time data in relation to team capacity. Consider it your one-stop-shop to visualize how you’re resourced in the short and long term, combining data from the Workload Planner and the Resource Scheduler.

Now to the goods! Watch out for these three standout enhancements:

1. Table [stake] updates

Not only does the table look much cleaner and more intuitive, but it now supports many configurations to help you customize how you consume your resourcing data. Order, highlight, sort, filter, and search to your heart's desire, all while enjoying a modernized user experience.

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Use cases? We got ‘em! Use the “Remaining time” column to know who has availability for redistribution of tasks. Use the “Estimated time” and “Logged time” columns to see how things are progressing compared to their original scope to better plan future work.

2. Charting new paths

The most noticeable change has been the addition of the crystal clear bar chart to help you instantly understand the breakdown of all your resourcing data. The bars represent your estimated, logged, and allocated* time, while the dotted line showcases the time that's actually available based on your resources. Are some of the bars above the dotted line? Might need to bring on some contract help, or re-distribute work among the team.

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This picture-perfect reports helps you compare and understand the interplay of these metrics to summarize your team's capacity at a glance. Hover over any bar to uncover the actual numbers and view this data at a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom interval to navigate through present and future states.

3. Allowing allocated time*

Wait no more—allocated time from the Resource Scheduler is now porting into the Planning Overview so even more data can be centralized under one roof. It’s now simple to see your future allocations against available resources to quickly identify the need to hire or sell. Do we need to bring on extra staff next quarter? Stress no more and let us make the decision for you.

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Spend less time and make less clicks cobbling together resourcing insights like when and where your staff is allocated. The Planning Overview consolidates all key efficiency indicators, providing a snapshot of current and future time and resourcing metrics.

*Scale plan only

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