Start managing your work more efficiently — Introducing the new Task Table View in Teamwork

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With the new Task Table View in Teamwork, efficiently managing all of your work is easier than ever before. Although still in a beta release phase, users can now access Table View by selecting the Table tab from the project’s navigation menu and begin putting this “fantastic” and “amazing feature” to use right away.

I really like this visual! Makes it easier to see what needs to be done, the person in charge, and importance all in one place.

The new view enables users to add, track, and manage project work much faster. It’s incomparable to other views as you can now easily digest large volumes of data and information at a quick scan. 

If you prefer another view, it’s simple to set up or change the Table View to best fit your specific needs. Simply sort your tasks by column, or reorder or resize your preferred columns and select whether you want to view tasks grouped within or outside of their task lists.

For example, project managers may wish to include all assignees and all tasks lists, with the option to include completed and/or incomplete tasks. While individual contributors may wish to see incomplete tasks assigned to them by due date to better understand their workflow and project priority. Whatever view suits you to do your best work, the Teamwork Table View has you covered.

Need to make an update to a task in a hurry? Luckily, Table View makes it easier than ever before—by using inline editing, customizable fields, and filters, you can quickly add tasks, make changes to tasks, alter due dates, update priority levels, switch assignees, and much more. Promptly build out your projects, hassle-free, and sort and filter across all of your task lists within a single project.

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With the introduction of Task Table View, you and your team can view and manage work across various projects with ease. To get started today, view our help doc and follow the step-by-step guide to get your customized Table View set up. 

Next steps

But we’re not finished just yet! As Task Table View is in Beta, we’ve continuously monitored customers feedback and validated our next steps to further advance this feature. Current updates on Teamwork Table View includes: 

  • Improvements to real-time updates

  • Expanding the sorting options to further columns

  • Manual reporting of tasks

  • Expanding inline editing of fields e.g.

  • Estimated time

  • Logged time

  • Board column

  • Progress

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Use to manage multiple complex projects with ease.

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As you use this new valuable feature, we would love to hear your feedback. Within Teamwork Table View, there’s a ‘Leave Feedback’ link so you can simply add your feedback, which helps us iterate and further enhance the Teamwork Table View to suit your needs as best as possible.

You can also leave a comment in the comments section below or contact our Teamwork Support at if you have any questions. 

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