Easily create, edit, and collaborate on content with the new Teamwork Notebook Editor

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How important is it to seamlessly collaborate on documents in real-time with your team? 

Very important, right?

That’s why Teamwork has revamped the entire Notebooks feature! Now your team can easily create a space for essential information with the new collaborative and simplified editor. Host your team’s documents and use the new searchable table view to quickly find and digest the information.

We understand that most Teamwork users need to create, collaborate, and read important content within the platform. But to make this a seamless task, we had to improve our current Notebooks feature. It’s paramount to our team that your experience within the platform is to the highest standard and we know that our Notebooks section was not hitting the mark. Now we’re absolutely delighted to release this update so users can easily create, edit, categorize, and search for information with the new Notebook Editor. 

 “I would like to thank you and express my appreciation toward your work. The new Notebook update is really great, it feels like a lot of fresh air entered the room. Full screen on desktop is awesome. Previously I struggled a lot with it and always wanted to go and use Gdoc. Now this feeling has disappeared. Great work, Teamwork gets better and better. Keep it going.”

Benjámin Földi, CEO, Hypershade

And we’re aiming to make it even better! Therefore please note that the new Notebooks feature is currently released in beta to a subsection of customers, and soon all customers will have access.

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What’s new?

On entering your Notebooks area within a project, you’re now presented with a new table view. This lets you quickly see a list of current notebooks. From here you can easily sort your notebooks by category to see the information that is relevant to you. 

If your project has a long list of notebooks, quickly find it using the search bar. Simply start typing the name of your notebook into the search bar and the relevant notebooks will populate as you type. Within this view, easily delete a notebook that is no longer relevant to you. Keep your content concise by simply hovering over the ellipsis, selecting more options, and delete the notebook you wish to remove. 

Collaborating and editing insightful content together with ease

When creating a new notebook or editing an existing one, you’ll be delighted to hear that we’ve enriched our editor to provide you with an unrivaled editing experience. Choose from an array of new widgets to help you create more impactful content. 

Whether you want to include an information panel, status chip, code sample, placeholder text, page divider, or bring your content to life by embedding media content, you’ll instantly see value in the new version of Teamwork Notebooks. 

We know how important it is for multiple people to be able to work on content at the same time. That’s why Teamwork enhanced the ability for teams to edit in a more collaborative way. 

Now when numerous people work on a notebook at the same time, individual’s avatars will display on the top right hand corner of your screen. It’s easy to associate a team member’s avatar color and name as it highlights where they’re typing. This allows everyone within the Notebook Editor to see who is contributing to the content in real-time, which prevents duplicate work and gives everyone full visibility over the edits. 

We’ve also added functionality within the footer. From this area, you can attribute a category to a notebook, quickly publish or cancel a notebook with a single click, or publish a small change in the new ellipsis button. Additionally, you can lock a notebook and secure the content from emails, which is essential if the notebook contains sensitive information.

If you want to learn more on how to create, edit, work with the Notebooks Editor, or view a Notebook, check out each of the relevant help docs. 

As we mentioned earlier, the new Notebooks feature is currently released in beta to a subsection of customers, and soon all customers will have access. For those who have access, once you begin creating new content, please give our team feedback through the feedback link within Teamwork or leave us a comment below. If you've any question, please contact us at support@teamwork.com.

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