Introducing Clients View: The one place to oversee your clients and their projects

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Note: If you aren’t seeing Clients in your left-side navigation, not to worry! Click here to learn about how to enable it.

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When managing multiple clients and their projects, the last thing you need to worry about is manually cobbling together metrics across their projects just to get a sense of how things are going, or realizing you have a client directory with gaps and outdated information.

Being the only platform built to run client work, we have just the fix for you! Companies (that used to live in the People menu) has evolved into the brand new Clients View on the left-side menu—a centralized hub to manage your clients and oversee everything happening in their account.

Trust us when we say Clients View will be your new go-to spot to understand the state-of-play across your clients and their projects. 

Strategic client insights

In the world of client work, it’s vital to know the results of your ongoing work and how things are tracking at the client-level. But where do you go to get this lay of the land? The new Overview tab in Clients View, unique to every client, reveals a dashboard of aggregated insights across all projects affiliated with your client. Breathe a sigh of relief, and put your calculator back in the drawer!

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Conveniently housed under one roof, the Overview tab features eye-catching widgets that make it easy to stay on top of the most important metrics, understand the big picture, and spot trends that raise an eyebrow. Need to know today’s story for your client? Here are the widgets that’ll help you out:

  • Profitability: Explore your profitability across all projects, particularly noting your total cost, to check that overall you’re still in the green

  • Budget breakdown: Track the spending progress of project’s budgets to spot which ones are approaching their cap and risk going over

  • Billable vs non-billable time: Keep a pulse on this important time ratio to ensure that your ideal time target is met and most logged time is profitable 

  • Notes: Jot down ad-hoc notes so client-level updates are never missed (like when the next client meeting is or a proposed agenda)

  • Project health: Explore how the overall health of all projects is trending, specifically looking at how many projects “need attention” 

  • Activity digest: Organized by type of activity, see a breakdown of completed and created tasks, as well as notable communications for full visibility

  • Task counts: Oversee the status of all tasks in relation to their start date, to help you gauge how work is progressing

  • Activity: Organized by teammate, see who is quickly chipping away at tasks and who you might need to check in on

Having fingertip access to these insights is certainly important, however, when it comes time to turn a trend around, things need to be as clear and specific as possible. Clicking into the widgets opens a panel of details so you can get down to the studs to pinpoint which exact project is burning the budget too quickly, or which specific overdue tasks are causing a bottleneck. Additionally, filter these widgets by date range to laser in on a specific time frame. Goodbye guess-work!

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Optimized client management

Keeping things as organized and efficient as possible is critical to smooth operational sailing. Knowing that client records need to be up to date, detailed, easily editable, and accessible, here are some new callouts in the Clients list that will make this necessary administrative work as enjoyable as possible:

  • A slimmed down “+ Client” modal has a select number of fields so you can add new clients in a snap

  • A new “Owner” column allows you to assign teammates as the account owner for for easy accountability

  • New Project and Task columns show their respective counts so you know the volume of work at a glance

  • Client-level tags can be added for better categorization, added context, and stronger filtering

  • Apply filters on Owner, Client, or Tags so you’re working from a strategic subset of clients

  • Save your filtered and unique view so your team can all be working on the same page

  • Export this view to PDF, CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets for external visibility

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Whether you need to update client details, get a general sense of how things are tracking, or determine granular next steps, the Clients View provides a centralized one-stop-shop to keep your clients at the heart of all you do.

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