5 Google project management tools to fine-tune your workflows

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Google Workspace has more than 3 billion users and 8 million paying customers as of 2022.

You can’t have a long conversation about promoting team collaboration and sharing knowledge without mentioning Google Workspace (formerly referred to as G Suite). 

Its range of tools, including Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Gmail will help streamline your workflows and effectively manage your agency’s projects.

But the one thing it’s missing is a project management tool.

Maximizing the potential of Google Workspace with project management tools

A true project management solution should offer ways to boost productivity and enhance workflows for teams who use Google Workspace, such as:

  • Tracking time.

  • Breaking down goals into tasks and sub-tasks.

  • Using pre-built templates.

  • Employing automation for repetitive tasks.

Used alongside one another, project management tools and Google Workspace successfully play off each other’s functionality.

Benefits of integrating project management tools with Google Workspace

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Credit: GAT Labs

Integrating high-performing project management tools with Google Workspace forges a unique alliance that transforms the work management experience. We’ve made a list of the five biggest advantages of managing your projects this way.

Project planning capabilities

If a project doesn’t have a roadmap, how can you expect to complete a high-quality deliverable by the due date? You can’t! Planning is a critical part of project management.

Features that break projects down into manageable bits, assign accountability, offer a visual overview, and pinpoint bottlenecks are essential to keep everyone on track. When you add these to the Workspace’s features, you get an all-in-one, start-to-finish solution.

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Comprehensive project planning software to see the big picture

Break down your projects into workable and acheivable portions with project planning software from Teamwork.com.

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Enhanced task management

Handling tasks efficiently is the difference between success and failure. A powerful project management tool provides users with a way to:

  • See their upcoming tasks.

  • Realize if they’re overloaded.

  • Hit every milestone.

  • Cross items off to-do lists.

  • Spot roadblocks.

Managers can create task lists, manage everyone’s workload, and reassign tasks if needed. These abilities help them properly manage resources and keep costs in line.

Improved communication and collaboration

"Getting the team to buy in and trust the software is critical. The best way to make that happen is by choosing a product that actually makes it easier to collaborate. It has to cut out busy work, not make more of it." ~Neil Patel

Project management tools improve team communication and enhance real-time collaboration. Tagging, messaging, storing documents, and organizing communication threads for record keeping are a few of the many vital features these tools offer agencies. They are especially helpful for remote project management and external stakeholders.

Automation features

Removing repetitive tasks from users’ daily routines and creating automatic workflows save time and increase productivity. Project management tools provide customizable automation and reusable templates that give your team more time to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Better reporting and analytics

Monitoring and measuring the project’s progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential. With a few clicks, agencies have the data available to maintain business and improve their processes.

Project management apps that include real-time reporting are integral for gauging success, identifying shortfalls, and keeping everyone on track. They can also help with more accurate time tracking.

5 tools that help you get more out of Google Workspace

If your agency depends on Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Meet, and all the other awesome products in the Workspace, you need a project management solution that works with those tools, not against them.

We’ve made a shortlist of the best (based on the benefits above) project management tools that most seamlessly and efficiently pair with Google Workspace. If you pick one of these, you can add it to your tech stack with barely a ripple of effort.

1. Teamwork

Blog post image Teamwork is project management software designed with the specific needs of agencies in mind. It’s hard to beat this tool in terms of ease of use, functionality, and management of multiple clients at once.

Using Google Workspace and Teamwork is a natural match. Teamwork is simple and clean, just like Google Workspace. The views are customizable to help see any obstacles that could delay the project. From project planning to execution, time tracking, and reviewing performance, Teamwork has agencies covered.

Ready to try Teamwork? Try out the Free Forever plan — completely free for up to five users!

Key capabilities

  • Plan day-to-day activities, view every user’s capacity, and make real-time changes with the workload planner.

  • Manage, communicate, and organize your team, clients, and plans from a centralized location.

  • Increase client and team collaboration and visibility, manage permissions, and set privacy levels.

  • Choose the view that best suits your goals, from lists, Kanban boards, tables, Gantt charts, and more.

  • Break work into tangible parts with tasks and subtasks, and add dependencies. Get even more specific by using custom fields, tags, and updated file versioning.

  • Keep an eye on project budgets, stay abreast of where resources are spent, and never miss a billable minute.

  • Save the time of starting processes from scratch with Teamwork's library of pre-built templates.

  • Get free access for your clients so they can stay on top of projects and reduce the need for status updates. 

2. Trello

Blog post image Credit: Trello

Trello is genius in its simple approach to project management. By focusing on Kanban board views, the uncluttered tool makes it easy for everyone involved to see what needs to be done. Its powerful integration network adds to the punch it can make when it joins Google Workspace in the tech stack.

This tool is great for simple projects and for small to medium-sized teams. It’s ideal for keeping remote team members informed and included, too.

Key capabilities

  • Take repetitious actions out of the workday and free up time with the automation tool.

  • Search and attach files from Google Drive directly from Trello. No toggling back and forth.

  • Support remote teams better with the Remote Team Hub, Remote Team Meetings, and Remote Team Bonding features.

  • Keep tasks, due dates, and responsible parties organized with advanced checklists.

3. Asana

Blog post image Credit: AppSumo

Asana is a cloud-based project management software option that offers many pros. Used with Google Workspace, it provides a comprehensive solution for teams who want to collaborate better, stay organized, and deliver quality work. Increase productivity by attaching Google Drive files to Asana and turning Gmail emails into trackable tasks.

Robust task management

Robust task management software

Asana functions well, no matter how complex the project. Large teams love its flexibility and customizable options. Their Free plan is great for startups.

Key capabilities

  • View every user's workload and capacity at a glance with the workload management feature.

  • Create project plans to stay on schedule, see how tasks connect, and address dependency issues before you begin with the Timeline feature.

  • Map tasks, define roles, and set deadlines with Gantt charts.

  • Access notifications, review tasks, and send messages on the go with the user-friendly Asana app.

4. monday.com

Blog post image Credit: monday.com

You won’t research project management solutions for long before you see monday.com as an option, and with good reason. Built for tight workflow management, this tool has tons of helpful features for companies of all shapes and sizes.

monday.com is big buddies with Google Workspace. You can access and attach files from Google Drive to monday.com boards, sync your Google Calendar, and convert Gmail emails into trackable action items.

Key capabilities

  • Create powerful workflows customized to your needs with no code building blocks.

  • Choose from over 30 widgets on the real-time dashboard to see the specific information that helps you make better decisions.

  • Seamlessly connect Monday to your other tools via their open API.

  • Protect your data with user and team permissions, audit logs, and an uptime SLA.

5. Hive

Blog post image Credit: Hive

Agencies looking for an all-in-one solution to go with their Google Workspace processes can find it with this feature-rich tool. Its user-friendly vibe is the basis of its success. Hive frequently listens to user feedback to find and implement new features.

This tool offers a native third-party integration with Google Workspace and can handle small and large projects with ease.

Key capabilities

  • Prevent items from falling through the cracks with the handy note-taking tool.

  • Customize visuals with flexible project views.

  • Monitor key analytics with measurable goals and objectives, making it easy to get insights into a project’s performance.

  • Use action cards to organize and break projects down into manageable sections.

Accelerate your Google Workspace projects with Teamwork

Your agency doesn’t have to choose between your Google apps and your new project management system: Use both! By implementing a tool that integrates with Workspace, your team will enjoy less work disruption, be more organized, and allocate their time to the most important tasks.

Teamwork is a powerful project management solution. Used alone or with Google Workspace, it gives users a way to plan projects, manage resources, collaborate with on-site and remote participants, and easily view results. Trust your agency’s projects to the tool that was built by agency owners. Sign up for Teamwork today.

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