New to Teamwork: Unlimited Client Users for better collaboration and happier clients!

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Transform how you collaborate with clients using Teamwork’s innovative new Client User role. Give your clients the full power of Teamwork for better collaboration, greater visibility, and a more productive client experience, at no extra cost.

As an agency or professional services firm, clients are at the heart of everything you do. Their input, collaboration, and alignment are essential to delivering successful projects — so why do so many project management tools treat clients like an afterthought?

We know the value that bringing clients into your projects can add. But we also know that for agencies and professional services firms, adding every client as a full user means purchasing additional seats — which quickly becomes both costly and unwieldy.

That’s why we’ve introduced Client Users.

What are Client Users?

Client Users is an exclusive new user type unique to Teamwork that allows you to give your clients as much of Teamwork’s powerful functionality as you want, so you can improve collaboration — at no additional cost.

With the Client Users license type, clients don’t just benefit from streamlined communication and clearer visibility over project progress and updates; they can also add (and complete) work, log time, and more.

This means that you can truly keep collaboration at the core of all of your client projects, allowing you to build deeper, more productive relationships that translate into improved customer retention and increased sales.

Based on the type of project and the amount of input required, you can use Teamwork’s granular access settings to set permissions for what each Client User can and can’t do, meaning that you retain full control over the amount of access each client has. 

From adding comments on tasks all the way through to adding tasks, task lists, milestones, and even logging time, you can customize each client’s access to their unique requirements.

Why use Client Users?

Great client relationships are built on collaboration, alignment, and trust.

With the Client Users role, you can foster all three, creating a more synergistic relationship that empowers both teams to drive better results.

Client Users are a great way to show your understanding of each client’s unique needs, centering them in your project in a way that no other project management tool allows you to do.

And best of all? You can add unlimited Client Users completely free of charge.

Getting started with Client Users

To get set up, you need to add your client as a Company in Teamwork. Once that’s done, you can then add users from the client Company and select the license type as “Client User”. The Client User will then have access to up to 5 projects under the client Company. Check out our video to see how to get started:

You can also take a look at our help doc for a full overview of the access and permissions available to a Client User. 

As this is a new user type, we’d love to hear what you think. Leave a comment below and let us know how you’ll be using Client Users at your agency. And as always, you can reach out to our Support team at if you have any questions or need a hand getting set up. Client Users are available on the Deliver, Grow, and Scale plans.

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