5 Steps to Win More Clients with Benchmark Data w/ Chris Nault

Want to win more clients (and keep them longer) in 2024?

Of course you do!

Offering a free benchmark consultation as part of your sales process might just be the key to doing both this year.

In this episode with Chris Nault, Founder and CEO of Growth, he breaks down the process and results from his agency's 5-week experiment of adding a benchmark consultation into their sales and renewal processes.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Chris:

  • When and how to invite clients into a Databox benchmark group

  • How it can impact your close rates (for both new and renewal business)

  • The role benchmark data can play in going client management

  • How to leverage benchmark data to build a tight-knit community for your clients and prospects

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

5 Reasons Your Firm Should Offer a Free Benchmark Consultation by Pete Caputa

The State of Agency Operations Report

Databox (Free) Benchmark Groups

How 200+ Agencies Invest in Their Own Marketing w/ Pete Caputa & Karl Sakas

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