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    Hi, I've used Basecamp considerably and I have to say I'm so impressed with Teamwork Projects compared to it, I love the flexibility of being able to assign a task to more than one person, prioritising tasks is great and the privacy button is definitely needed at times. A first class thought through package and the videos are such a help. I look forward to the rolling it out to our company.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Steven Whitfield Steven Whitfield
    Operations Director Brands Walker Greenbank PLC
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    After trying many collaborative project tools, we've definitely chosen Teamwork Projects for its ease of use and all functionalities offered.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Laurent Lourenco Laurent Lourenco
    CIO & Program Director FINDUS
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    Fortunately we met Teamwork Projects and we were very impressed with its brilliant features, workflow and look & feel

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Goncalo Malho Goncalo Malho
    CEO Jelly Code - Web & Graphic Design
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    This message is a shout out to Teamwork.com's customer support. With over 2 million active customers you still have time for individual attention. Since signing up over five years ago and using Teamwork Projects on multiple installs, positive and regular feedback to queries and suggestions makes me feel like Teamwork.com are genuinely interested in their customers needs. Dan Mackey appreciate the assistance you gave me last Friday. - it will make a big difference for our company.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk  Russell Chappe de Leonval Russell Chappe de Leonval
    JC Property Management (Pty) Ltd
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    Teamwork Projects isn't flashy, it's all about doing the job well. There's a humble and integral attitude about Teamwork.com which we really admire. Teamwork Projects is fundamental to how we run our business. We're all really delighted to be using it. It’s definitely improved the way we work, collaborate, and organize everything! Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Mat Bennett Mat Bennett
    Managing Director OKO Digital
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    I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any company needing a strong and thorough customer service platform, affordable, and with integration options. Teamwork Desk has the potential to be a really great product. We know that it's still early days and are happy to deal with some occasional, minor bugs knowing that the Teamwork.com team is working hard on fixing and adding new features all the time. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk  Ciaran McGrath Ciaran McGrath
    Managing Director Threefold Systems
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    As a startup, we were looking for a scalable solution for every party inside a project. It should be able to manage small and large projects inside the guidelines of PRINCE2. The expansion of Teamwork Desk allowed us to easily manage the support tickets within the same solution. We are now able to manage support request emails using Teamwork Desk and, if necessary, to open a task in an existing Teamwork Projects project. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Mario J. Kotschner Mario J. Kotschner
    Head of Project Management YOUNITY
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    One of the huge advantages of using Teamwork Projects is the ability to systemize a business with recurring tasks. There are lots of things that need to be done over and over in a business and on a regular basis. By adding these as recurring tasks in Teamwork Projects, it allows the business owner to focus on what needs to get done, rather than actually doing the work. It helps the business owner keep the business moving in the same direction, rather than having to slow down and do actual project management. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Mike Taber Mike Taber
    Founder of Moon River Software Moon River Software, Inc.
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    You know when something just works? It sits there quietly and does exactly what it's supposed to do and doesn't cause a fuss. This is how I've found Teamwork Projects so far. I open a project, and the team, assigned the tasks, and, for the most part, I'm done - everybody gets notified and they can then do what they need to do. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Maricka Burke-Keogh Maricka Burke-Keogh
    Founder Online Marketing in Galway (OMiG)
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    I just looooove Teamwork Desk. It's everything I've dreamed of. Please continue doing what you do. I have hardly read any help articles, because everything is so easy to understand.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Zihni Saglam Zihni Saglam
    IT Technician Aurora Innovation
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    To me, the best testimonial of any system is: Can I get my team to use it? Are people adopting it? Are the people in my company using it without me having to beat them over the head? I don't have to bully anyone into using Teamwork Projects. They just get on with it. I guess because it's so useful and user-friendly. People just seem to naturally like it. Nobody needs a tutorial because it's easy to figure it out. I don't even have to train people on it. They use it. That’s the real testimonial of a good tool: people using it without you telling them to. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Debbie Levitt Debbie Levitt
    Founder & CEO Ptype UX Consultancy
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    Teamwork Projects consistently exceeds my expectations. It has totally changed the way our business works, and I can’t fathom how we used to get by without it! Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Jay Baer Jay Baer
    President Convince & Convert
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    Teamwork Projects offers an all-in-one solution for managing employees and clients within the same platform. Teamwork.com has made our teams more efficient which allows us to spend more time with our clients.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Carl Hendy Carl Hendy
    Digital Ecommerce SEO Consultant carlhendy.com
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    I see Teamwork Desk is a much better interface for clients than relying on e-mail. Apart from keeping conversations all in one place, with multiple team members being able to provide input, we can extract the more useful information from them and publish them as a knowledge base.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Lawrence Ladomery Lawrence Ladomery
    Strategic Digital Manager iGoDirect Group
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    Teamwork Desk is a perfect fit for our purpose and one of the best cost-effective and quality solution to helpdesk system. I have just shown a demo to my supervisor and she is in love with this system. Thank you and your all team on behalf of Enterprise Architects. We love your customer service too!

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Gaurav Vekaria Gaurav Vekaria
    ICT Analyst Enterprise Architects
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    Having used many applications over the years, I am very impressed with your application and with your pricing model.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk John Lawlor John Lawlor
    Programme Director - GeneSIS Project Trinity College Dublin
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    We've been evaluating PM tools for weeks, and wow, you're product is absolutely amazing and perfect for us. Super excited...... Thank your product designer and developers from us.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Renee Cleary Renee Cleary
    CTO at Parking BOXX Parking BOXX
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    I think this is a great product! it has really helped my company get MUCH better organized and when we incorporate new people we have an instant 'brain dump' site for them to see what's going on as well as resources and files.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Aaron Birnbaum Aaron Birnbaum
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    I'm really impressed how fast and motivated you guys are! You're doing really a great work on this software and everyone I show it is impressed by the simplicity of teamworkpm.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Andreas Schimmelpfennig Andreas Schimmelpfennig
    Elastique. We design.
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    I recently chose Teamwork Projects to be our cloud project management system, and let me tell you this was no easy task picking a service. I didn't realize how many systems were out there, I must have looked at over 50 of them, and actually did the demo or free trials on more than 10 of them. Our new website business bringing all the worlds best personal development teachers into one site needed a system that could collaborate with our team that is spread out geographically, we needed some strong project management features, we needed a strong task management system, and we needed to handle unlimited users and multiple projects, and we needed to have some strong permission sets on client users, good reporting features, and all in a straightforward and user friendly system. Teamwork Projects was the ONLY one that met all these requirements for us. Not Basecamp, Zoho, Teambox, Deskaway, Proworkflow, 5pm, Taskpoint, Intervals, Wrike, Feng office, GoPlan, Smartsheet, Gantter, Comind, Manymoon, Glasscubes, Autotask, Project Insight, Mavenlink, and more… There were some others that did meet our needs, but they were much more intensive and would have been too hard for our client base to learn to use, like @Task, Clarizen, Tenrox, Liquidplanner (these were also quite a bit more expensive as well). Through all of this research, Teamwork Projects rose to the top, and since implementing it we are back on schedule to get our website launched this February. And I love the roadmap, the openness of the company to share exactly what they are working on – shows they are on it! Other companies hide this, and some don't even show their pricing, they make you call them – forget that! I am mostly writing this review, because I wish I had found a review like this in my searches, it would have saved me days and days of researching all these other products, so I hope this can help others save time in their search.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Paul Thornton Paul Thornton
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    We in TSG started using Teamwork Desk in January 2015. Having been asked to beta test Teamwork Desk it quickly became apparent that the software was capable of doing what other products are only dreaming of. Teamwork Desk ensures that TSG get all support issues resolved on time.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Sean Ware Sean Ware
    CEO TSG Ltd
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    I have been using Teamwork Projects for accounts owned by my clients for several years now. I am a huge fan of your product. I have seen it improve greatly over time and I recommend it to all of my clients, and I created this particular account for a client. You provide the best project management software available. Keep up the good work.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Will Youmans Will Youmans
    Freelance Web Developer williamyoumans.com
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    At Global PMI Partners, we use Teamwork Projects to manage some of our Merger & Acquisition integration and carve-out projects. We have customised the tool, adding workstream charters, actions items and checklists. Some of our clients subsequently purchase their own license and start to use it for internal project management. The quick turnaround from the Teamwork.com helpdesk team on questions and suggestions is just one of the many reasons I like the product.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Christophe Van Gampelaere Christophe Van Gampelaere
    Partner Global PMI Partners
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    The system just flat works great every day. It's truly one of the best SaaS apps I've ever seen. Thank you!!

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Bret Wiener Bret Wiener
    Managing Director Capital Brands
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    If you're ready for your business to be organized, efficient and easy to manage then use Teamwork Projects, we LOVE it and run our entire business with it!

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Tony Kimberly Tony Kimberly
    Spotted Koi
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    I set-up Teamwork for RAPP here in the UK for our offices spread across 4 different locations around England and Scotland. The main thing is that the system doesn't get in the way and lets you get on with the important elements - the business.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Sam Smithson Sam Smithson
    Digital Director www.uk.rapp.com
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    Been trying about 20 different PM softwares the last few weeks. Teamwork Projects is finally the product for us! We love it!! thanks for creating this!

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Hanley Leung Hanley Leung
    Lead Producer R2 Digital
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    Finally, with Teamwork Projects I have found a solution that is powerful enough to be valuable, yet intuitive enough that it is actually used.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Graham Lubie Graham Lubie
    Partner Hunt & Gather
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    No project management software is as simple or as powerful. In the space of 2 yrs we cut down on client churn by 80%. We can tie €1M in additional turnover directly to the process and customer satisfaction improvements Teamwork Projects enabled. It's by far our biggest internal return on investment.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Dave Davis Dave Davis
    Managing Director Redfly Digital
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    Just wanted to say thanks for providing a Goldilocks of easy-to-use software with enough features in Teamwork Projects. This was the first cloud software I was able to convince our company to use and it's just been mandated for all new projects. Our clients love using it and it's easy enough to pick up that all of our teams have embraced it.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Dan Libbesson Dan Libbesson

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