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Project tracker template

Project tracker templates allow you to get and share important project information at a glance. With Teamwork, you can build a custom project tracker and save it as a template to re-use in future projects. You can also map your workflow for simpler reporting and a better understanding of how work is progressing.

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See your project’s progress with a project tracker

When it comes to finishing your project on time and within budget, knowledge is power.

Being able to quickly see the status of each project is essential in order to hit your deadlines, keep clients happy, and spot bottlenecks before they become problems.

And when you’re working on multiple projects for several different clients or stakeholders, it becomes even more important to have an up-to-date project tracker that allows you to give fast, accurate updates on where every piece of work currently stands.

With Teamwork, you can build your own project tracker template and use it to map out your workflow into stages or phases so you can get (and share) visual updates, get work moving from one place, and automate the heck out of your admin, saving you time and effort.

Create your project tracker template

Why should you use a project tracker template?

As your business scales, spreadsheets and Excel project tracker templates just aren’t going to cut it for managing your work. Not only are they not designed to handle the complexity of your projects, but they need constant, time-consuming manual updates in order to stay accurate.

Here are 3 reasons to create a project tracking template in Teamwork and start using that instead:

  • Save time.

    No more manual updating of spreadsheets and repetitive admin. By creating a project tracker template in Teamwork, you can automate your workflow with triggers and keep things moving effortlessly.

  • Keep everyone up to date.

    With one central place to track your project, you have a reliable single source of truth. Quickly see where work stands, and allow all team members to get real-time status updates.

  • Better reporting and forecasting.

    Using Board View, you can get immediate visual updates on your project, confidently report back to clients, and spot any bottlenecks.

Build a project tracker template

Project tracking made easy with Teamwork

Track your projects and your progress. Make the switch from Excel templates and spreadsheets and see how much easier project tracking can be.

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