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Bug tracking template

Catch and fix more bugs with our bug tracking template for software development. Get clearer bug reports and provide a better user experience for your customers.

Try our bug tracking template
Bug tracking template

Use our bug tracker template to ship better products

Bugs happen — so you need a process in place to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Using a bug tracking template, you can help your QA team and software testers to log bugs more comprehensively, and make it easier for your software developers and product teams to organize, track, and prioritize all the bugs on their to do list.

With Teamwork, you can use your bug tracker project to allocate resources, assign tasks, communicate around problems, and create a more productive bug tracking workflow.

Bug tracking templates that help you get more done

Bug tracking templates that help you get more done

Improve your software development workflow and ship better products with a defined bug tracking process.

  • Prioritize your bug fixes

    Use tags to rank your bugs in order of priority, so you know which bugs need fixing ASAP before they affect customer happiness and which ones can be added to your backlog.

  • Get more comprehensive bug reports

    Create a task template that automatically asks for all the information your developers need to solve the issue, upload screenshots, and communicate with context using task comments.

  • Assign owners

    No more “but I thought you were fixing it?” Use your bug tracker project to assign clear owners to each bug fix, so you can maintain accountability and track progress.

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your workflow

    Use Board View to get a quick visual overview of how many bugs are logged at any given time, track which ones are in the process of being fixed, and quickly spot any upcoming bottlenecks or blockers.

Try our bug tracking template

Simplify your bug tracking with our easy-to-use template

Use our simple bug tracking template for your next software development project and make logging and fixing bugs a breeze.

Try our bug tracking template

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