Features & Development Roadmap

We are continually improving Teamwork.com to make it an even more valuable resource for our customers.
We have a built-in feedback form and we take your suggestions very seriously.
Here is the current roadmap of new features...

Coming soon

  • 1Nicer dashboard with metrics
  • 2Kanban
  • 3Reporting
  • 4Resource management & workload
  • 5Departments

Recently Completed

  • Task Templates: Allow non-admins to manage these
  • TKO
  • Add an "Activity" tab to the people page
  • Invite Users - switch to new form style - can pick projects and send message
  • Push Notifications for iOS/Android apps
  • Merge Box ac per project Improvements in
  • Default project permissions
  • Ability to add cross project dependencies
  • Solution to SSO(SAML) login on mobile apps
  • Tags: Files/Messages/Links/Projects/Notebooks/Milestones
  • Invite Users
  • API: Billing: GET/PUT/POST/DELETE calls for Invoices and Expenses
  • Native V2 of iPhone and Android Phone Apps
  • Tags: Task tags
  • Notification server rewrite to Go

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