Features & Development Roadmap

We're always improving Teamwork.com products based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here's a note of the main features we're working on next.

Coming soon

  • 1 More powerful filtering on all sections (In Progress)
  • 2 Nicer dashboard with metrics (Planning)
  • 3 Resource management & workload (Planning)
  • 4 Departments (Planning)
  • 5 Reporting (Planning)

Recently Completed

  • Board view for tasks
  • Task Templates: Allow non-admins to manage these
  • TKO
  • Add an "Activity" tab to the people page
  • Invite Users - switch to new form style - can pick projects and send message
  • Push Notifications for iOS/Android apps
  • Merge Box ac per project Improvements in
  • Default project permissions
  • Ability to add cross project dependencies
  • Solution to SSO(SAML) login on mobile apps
  • Tags: Files/Messages/Links/Projects/Notebooks/Milestones
  • Invite Users
  • API: Billing: GET/PUT/POST/DELETE calls for Invoices and Expenses
  • Native V2 of iPhone and Android Phone Apps
  • Tags: Task tags

Recent Updates

  • Project Setting: Allow "Notify" for tasks assigned to "Anyone" Jun 23, 2017
    Quite a while ago we removed the option to notify all people on a project when a task is assigned to "Anyone" to try and cut down on email noise. 
    This suited a lot of people but disrupted a number of users so we've made this a per project setting. 
    Head to Project Setting->Notifications and check on **Allow Notify for tasks assigned to "Anyone"**
  • 3 new triggers to improve your productivity May 10, 2017
    We're getting lots of great feedback for board view and we're continuing to add great new features, especially around triggers! 
    This time round, we’ve added triggers for:
    - **Estimated time** - choose whether to set, increase or decrease the estimated time on a task. 
    - **Assignees** - you can now add, remove or set specific assignees, or you can even assign the task to the person moving the card!
    - **Auto Archive completed cards** - any completed cards in that column will disappear from view.
    All these features have come directly from customer feedback and you’re going to love using them! Try them out today and let us [know what you think](https://twitter.com/teamwork)!
    Find all the details in the 'Triggers' Help Doc Article
  • Improved triggers for tags Apr 21, 2017
    The improvements keep coming! 
    Here's another one that'll help you get even more out of triggers. Along with the original option to completely replace the existing tags on a card, you can now add extra tags and you can specify any that you'd like to remove, too.
    Read the Help Doc article all about triggers here
  • New trigger - now you can edit dates! Apr 21, 2017
    You've been requesting new ways to use triggers - and we have one ready for you today. Now you can update start dates and due dates of tasks when you drop a card onto a column. 
    Got a 'To Do' column? Use a trigger to set the start date to 'Current day'. If something goes into an 'On Hold' column, you could remove the due date or push it out. We'd love to hear how you use it!
    Find all the details in our Help Doc here
  • Save even more time in board view with auto-complete Apr 14, 2017
    When adding a new card to a column in board view you can now use auto-complete to quickly set properties, saving you even more time. 
    Start working with auto-complete by using special characters to assign people, add tags, set dates and more...
    Learn how to use auto-complete
  • Board view gets even more powerful with triggers Apr 10, 2017
    Triggers let you automatically update cards when you move them to a particular column. 
    You can complete them, change the person assigned, add tags and update even more properties to bring even more efficiency to your workflow using board view.
    Try it out and let us know how you automate your workflow with triggers!
    Find out how to add triggers
  • Column details now in reports and project summary Apr 10, 2017
    Since the board view for tasks has been so popular and everyone loves adding cards to columns, we've listened to your requests and made it possible to see details of that in even more areas outside the project board view:
    - Project Summary 
    - Task exports, in PDF or Excel format
    - Daily report
  • Board View for Tasks Apr 4, 2017
    We’ve added a Board View for Tasks to help you and your team visualize your projects.
    Organize your tasks in progress quickly and intuitively by moving them between columns on the board and get an instant snapshot of how your project is going at any time.
    You'll love this latest feature!
    Read the full blog post
  • Using @mention in status updates Mar 8, 2017
    You might not always want to notify your whole company by email when you update your status - so we've now included the option to 'mention' people specifically.
    When you update your status, just use '@mention' within the content of your update and they'll be notified by email. Or, instead of using the switch to notify everyone you can use '@all' to save even more time!
    Learn more about using status updates
  • Time-saving updates and improvements Feb 27, 2017
    Along with the new features and improvements we've brought to you in that last month, we also sneaked in some small tweaks that can make a big impact on helping you work more efficiently in Teamwork Projects. You can read the blog post for the full details, but here's a really quick overview:
    - You can highlight text anywhere and use the quick add menu to create a task from it
    - Use the new direct-edit icon on a task description to update it quickly 
    - Preview video files without having to download them
    - Add tags as you create items
    - Use more task filtering options and see your team's avatar next to their name to help you spot them easier
    - In the billing area you can now filter expenses or time logs to add them to an invoice
    Read the blog post

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