Features & Development Roadmap

We're always improving Teamwork.com products based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here's a note of the main features we're working on next.

Coming soon

  • 1 Board view for tasks (Development)
  • 2 Nicer dashboard with metrics (Planning)
  • 3 Reporting (Planning)
  • 4 Resource management & workload (Planning)
  • 5 Departments (Planning)

Recently Completed

  • Task Templates: Allow non-admins to manage these
  • TKO
  • Add an "Activity" tab to the people page
  • Invite Users - switch to new form style - can pick projects and send message
  • Push Notifications for iOS/Android apps
  • Merge Box ac per project Improvements in
  • Default project permissions
  • Ability to add cross project dependencies
  • Solution to SSO(SAML) login on mobile apps
  • Tags: Files/Messages/Links/Projects/Notebooks/Milestones
  • Invite Users
  • API: Billing: GET/PUT/POST/DELETE calls for Invoices and Expenses
  • Native V2 of iPhone and Android Phone Apps
  • Tags: Task tags
  • Notification server rewrite to Go

Recent Updates

  • Using @mention in status updates Mar 8, 2017
    You might not always want to notify your whole company by email when you update your status - so we've now included the option to 'mention' people specifically.
    When you update your status, just use '@mention' within the content of your update and they'll be notified by email. Or, instead of using the switch to notify everyone you can use '@all' to save even more time!
    Learn more about using status updates
  • Time-saving updates and improvements Feb 27, 2017
    Along with the new features and improvements we've brought to you in that last month, we also sneaked in some small tweaks that can make a big impact on helping you work more efficiently in Teamwork Projects. You can read the blog post for the full details, but here's a really quick overview:
    - You can highlight text anywhere and use the quick add menu to create a task from it
    - Use the new direct-edit icon on a task description to update it quickly 
    - Preview video files without having to download them
    - Add tags as you create items
    - Use more task filtering options and see your team's avatar next to their name to help you spot them easier
    - In the billing area you can now filter expenses or time logs to add them to an invoice
    Read the blog post
  • Custom shortcuts Feb 27, 2017
    You can now save links directly to anything in your site that you want to keep for quick access in your new 'Shortcuts' area, under your profile menu.
    When you're viewing a project, task list, file, or any other item or page just use the 'Add Shortcut' option in the 'Add' menu at the top right of your screen - or press the '+' key - and you can save a link to that item in your custom shortcuts area.
    To access your shortcuts, just click your profile image and choose 'My Shortcuts' or even quicker, press 'Shift+s' on your keyboard and you'll see all of your links, grouped by type - and you can even pin your favourites to keep them at the top of the list.
    Learn more
  • Set defaults from an existing task Feb 27, 2017
    Now you don't need to edit the task list settings to change the default properties for new tasks - we've added an even quicker option.
    If you have a task with the assignees, due dates or other properties that you'd like to set as default for all new tasks added to the task list, just go to the task options menu, expand to see the additional options, and choose 'Use as Task Default' - that's it!
    Learn more
  • Choose columns in a custom time report Feb 27, 2017
    When you create a custom time report from the Everything > All Time area, you can now use the 'Customize' tab to choose which columns show in your report to give you even more control over what you can review on screen - and remember from there you can download the report in CSV, Excel or PDF format too.
    Learn more
  • Desktop Notifications Jan 11, 2017
    We've added a useful new feature to alert you of new notification items when your Teamwork Projects app is not in focus - Desktop Notifications. 
    You can enable this by editing your profile and opt-ing in under Preferences.
    We've also added a much requested enhancement so you decide to only get notifications for items you have explicitly been notified - great for reducing unwanted noise.
    We also took this opportunity to extend the Notifications to alert you of a reminder on a task, milestone or calendar event
  • Quickly add subtasks to existing tasks Jan 11, 2017
    We've made it much easier to add a bunch of subtasks to existing tasks. Click the Task Options button to the left of each task and you'll see a familiar option "Quickly add Subtasks"
    We already had this functionality at the task list level and we've improved the basic functionality so it now works exactly like the main 'Quick Add Tasks' and 'Tasks By Email' features. Using a set of commands you can assign tasks to people, set due dates and add priority etc.
    Learn more
  • Task Templates: Choose which users can manage them Jan 6, 2017
    A top requested feature was the ability to specify which users could manage Task Templates. Before today only Administrators in the Owner Company could access these. 
    We've just released a new update which enables you to choose which users can manage task templates.
    It's really easy - just edit an existing user, navigate to the Permissions tab and turn on "Can manage task templates" - Easy!
  • A Powerful New Project Overview: The Project Summary Dec 20, 2016
    We've added one of our most requested features and overhauled the Project Overview - introducing key metrics and great new features. The Project Summary gives users access to the high level metrics they need to monitor the progress and status of each of their projects.
    We've added a host of impressive new features including:
    - Metrics for tasks, milestones, logged time and activity
    - Task Breakdown
    - Project Digest
    - Popular Tags
    - More powerful people section
    Read the blog post
  • Bulk Edit Tasks, Calendar Shortcuts and More! Dec 19, 2016
    We kicked off 2016 by completely re-engineering Teamwork Projects. One of the biggest reasons for this effort was to roll out updates and features much more quickly. 
    The latest round of updates live in the app include:
    - Bulk Edit Tasks from anywhere
    - Custom sorting on “My Tasks”
    - Increased tag limit on items
    - Powerful New Project Chart
    - Enhanced Calendar with Day/Week/Month views
    - Invite user while creating a task
    Learn more

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