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How teamwork affects your agency’s bottom line

It’s the KPI you’re not measuring but should be: teamwork.

Drawing on our findings from the State of Teamwork 2020 Report, we spoke to Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director of the brilliant B2B marketing agency Velocity, about how the fluffiest soft measure — team friendliness — is essential for driving concrete results for your business.

We also discussed Doug’s own experience building his creative agency, why you need to create a team mindset with your clients, and what you should be doing to keep team culture — and creativity — going in the age of remote working.

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There’s less and less solo work these days. So much is collaborative and cross-departmental. That’s a great trend and it puts a premium on effective teamwork.

How teamwork affects your agency’s bottom line

What we’ll cover

  • Establish your company profile

  • Set up of your personal profile

  • Demo of the user types available to you

  • Setting up your defaults within Teamwork

  • How to add users into your site

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