Why Teamwork Projects is a better alternative to Monday.com

Why choose Teamwork Projects over Monday.com?

Teamwork Projects offers freedom and opportunities to empower your team to work their way.

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Monday.com presents top-level information in a colorful and visual way — but when you need to dig deeper for full project management functionality, it’s not as robust or as feature-rich as Teamwork Projects. When comparing the two, Teamwork Projects offers more options, freedom, and opportunities to empower your team.

Teamwork Projects vs Monday:
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Everything you need to consider when comparing Teamwork Projects and Monday.com.

Better task management

Monday.com doesn’t have subtasks or task dependencies, meaning that users can’t break down their work to deeper levels or allow tasks to be dependent on the completion of others. Teamwork Projects has both. This allows you to organize your work how you want, every step of the way.

files area

There is no central location for files in Monday.com, so finding documents can be stressful and tedious. Alternatively, Teamwork Projects has a dedicated files area. This ensures everyone knows where to find the documents they need as soon as they need them.

Keeps important
items private

With Monday.com you can set privacy at the board or project level, but you can’t change the privacy within it. Teamwork Projects gives you more flexibility around who sees what at all levels of a project: perfect for ensuring confidential items stay confidential. It also allows you to give each person the level of access that’s right for them.


In Monday.com, teams are limited to communicating on tasks. Collaboration is a priority In Teamwork Projects. People can comment on tasks, and in project-wide mediums such as Messages and Notebooks. You can also use Embedded Chat to start an instant conversation from anywhere in the product and get answers in real time.


Teamwork Projects enables
Blackboard to provide a complete
educational experience

“We never realized how much time was being spent on day-to-day collaboration,” said Rebecca. “All the time we had been using to find, update, and verify files is now back in our schedules. Exchanging information seems almost effortless now.”

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Teamwork Projects is a rounded system that offers you more.

Why choose Teamwork Projects over Trello?

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Smartsheet offers no option to natively track time.

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Deliver projects for teams of all sizes with Teamwork Projects.

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