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Teamwork Desk for Mobile

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Manage your helpdesk & support your customers when you're on the go with the Teamwork Desk mobile apps.



Support customers from anywhere, at any time with the Teamwork Desk helpdesk apps for iOS and Android. Stay up to date with customer activity and manage tickets no matter where you are ? lounging by the pool, traveling by train, or hiking in the hills, we?ve got you and your customers covered.

Key Features:

  • Easily change the status of a ticket

  • Assign tickets to other users

  • Move tickets to different inboxes

  • Quickly reply to tickets while you?re away from your desk

  • Add private notes to tickets to collaborate with your team

  • Search tickets

  • Dashboard view

  • Create tasks directly in your linked Teamwork installation

  • Bulk update the status of tickets

  • Fill Custom Fields in your tickets (available on Pro and Enterprise plans)