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Teamwork CRM email solution

Sync Teamwork CRM with your email client and send and receive emails from within your leads and opportunities.

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Teamwork CRM email solution

Never miss a message with integrated email

Communicate with your leads and opportunities from within Teamwork CRM. Capture all relevant information and make it accessible to your team to increase productivity and drive growth.

Teamwork CRM – Email Solution

Sync your emails to Teamwork CRM

Add your email client to Teamwork CRM in order to view, send, and receive emails from anywhere in the app — even directly from a lead or opportunity.

Capture and centralize all communication

Avoid losing (or siloing) valuable information by keeping all email communications associated with a lead or opportunity organized within Teamwork CRM.

Increase productivity and save time

Reclaim the time spent switching between apps and looking for lost information. The email integration allows you to keep work moving from one place so you can focus on closing deals.

Empower sales reps with the info they need

With all customer emails logged alongside their related deals, you can ensure that every rep with access to a deal in Teamwork CRM can also see its full communication history, making for easier handovers.

Improve the customer lifecycle with deal transparency

Deliver a better customer experience from beginning to end by giving reps the full communication history of each deal.

Build your client’s profile

As your sales reps work to acquire new customers, they can automatically capture conversations within the deal to ensure all relevant information is documented, giving your team the best chance to win the contract.

Seamlessly handover new clients

Don’t waste customers’ valuable time by making them reiterate their goals to each person on your team. Deliver a better customer experience by giving your team access to the full communication history of the deal within Teamwork CRM. Strengthen cross-team alignment and impress your new customers by ensuring all of your teams are aware of the client’s history and goals.

Retain your customers

Retaining a happy customer is a lot more cost effective than sourcing a new one. When the time comes for a client to renew their contract, you have all the key historical information on the customer to ensure you can give them the best offer.

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