Visualize Your Work With Board View

Using boards to visualize the flow of tasks and activities will help provide your team with a true representation of the scope of the project.

Project manager kanban softwareReveal the logistics of your project
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Reveal the logistics of your project

For many people, the project's `aha!` moment comes only when seeing their actual process presented visually and how they fit into the ecosystem of that project.

collaborate on tasksCollaborate and Prioritize
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Collaborate and prioritize

Understanding where you fit in in the development of the project will encourage you to prioritize and collaborate more with the colleagues that you need to work closely with.

Kanban freedom of creating tasksFreedom to work as you please
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Freedom to work as you please

Although we do have a Board view that allows you to visualize work, it does not follow the Kanban methodology. We don't force you to follow certain principles. You create your boards to suit how you work.

Kanabn software for mobileIt's on mobile!
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It's on mobile!

Boards are the perfect way to keep work moving while you're on the go! Get an instant visual update on your tasks straight from your pocket!