It’s been a year of change for Teamwork Projects, and that means better features for you. We’re especially proud of one update that we think is going to change the way you work by providing metrics and an overview of a project’s status. Let us introduce an amazing feature: the Project Summary.  
Before this feature was added, team members had no way of creating a useful, high-level overview on a project without hunting for detailed data and adding it piece by piece to a report that had to be professional and completely accurate.
Now, the Project Summary allows any person on the project access to the high-level metrics they need to monitor a project, add information and reach out to other individuals to ask questions or retrieve data.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features.

Task and Milestone Charts

With the new task and milestone charts you can quickly identify delays in a project and take action on items that are falling behind. You can see the whole picture in one glance, then click on any element to get more details in a quick view window.
Check in on which tasks are late, due today, upcoming, have no dates set and even tasks that have started but which have no due date. You can see this for all tasks on the project or specific tasks that you can set via the settings button (Options > Summary Settings). Similarly, you can see a full breakdown of late and upcoming milestones as well as milestones that are due today.
Project Summary


Excuse us while we geek out for a moment and tell you how the Digest has made our lives  a whole lot easier. The Digest has become an important element for our managers and team leads to see tasks created and completed over the course of each day. All unread comments, messages and upcoming events also make it onto the Digest.
Project Summary
This is an excellent place to get a lot of information, especially for those days when you can’t be interrupted. If you don’t get around to reading a comment or a message, you no longer have to traipse through emails or push notifications in search for it. Just go to the Digest, and it’s all there. You can even choose to see only unread messages and comments that are important to you.


The Project Summary feature now gives you an immediate overview of time logged on a project as well as estimated time on active tasks. You can quickly see the amount of billed and unbilled time, as well as billable and non-billable hours on a project. You can filter the time by days and months etc. or an individual’s time by applying the filter in the project summary settings.



This is another one of our favourites here at Teamwork HQ. Breakdown delivers exactly what it promises — a percent breakdown of which tasks are being handled by which people on the project.
Project Summary
But wait, there’s more! Click on any member of the project and their list of tasks will instantly pop up. You can then sort these tasks by due date, start date, priority and more, or even choose to bulk edit these tasks. You can also expand the Breakdown, and if you think one person might be carrying too much of the load, you can easily drag and drop tasks to someone else. It’s a thing of beauty.

Popular Tags

With this feature you can easily identify workflows within a project. By clicking on any one of the listed tags within the Project Summary, a list of tasks with that tag will appear. Just like the Breakdown, you can sort or choose to bulk edit any of these tasks.
Project Summary

Project Trend

The Project Trend lets you quickly analyze a project’s progress over the last 30 days using graphs for completed tasks, remaining tasks and overall activity. Over time, the project trend should show a steady increase in tasks completed and a decrease in remaining tasks–something that is particularly useful for short-term projects.
Project Summary


At the bottom of your Project Summary, you will see a list of everyone on the project. You can filter by users, observers or contacts. By clicking on any one of these, you will be able to add people and manage observers.  
Teamwork Projects - Project Summary
We’ve built in the option of selecting  individuals, giving you a quick way to view their specific activity on that project, including active and completed tasks, logged time and any comments they have added on the project.

Project Quick View

To get a summary of a particular project, go to “card view” in the projects tab and press “v.” A quick view of the summary will open right up. You can also click on the quick view icon in the list view, which lets you instantly check in on a project without ever having to leave the list of projects.

Project Summary Settings

Find the Project Summary Settings through the options button on the right hand side of the overview page.  Here you can customize your summary results to show the milestone and task progress of a specific person. You can also filter by time, time range or events.
Project Summary
It’s important to manage these settings this so you’re really getting as much benefit as possible out of your project summary. Feel free to experiment with them because you can adjust these anytime you want depending on the information you’re trying to capture. We made an intro video to help you discover this great feature. Check it out below or view this article from our Help Docs site. 

The Project Summary is just one of the dozens of new features we added to Teamwork Projects in 2016, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on it.
Your comments have helped drive some of the most important updates of 2016 and given us direction for 2017. Send us an email at with your input. Happy Holidays!