Hiring Secrets from an 8-Figure Agency CEO w/ Eric Siu

Isn’t it refreshing when someone further down the path is willing to share the successes AND failures they’ve seen along the way?

That’s exactly the type of conversation you’ll get from today’s episode with Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, Founder of Leveling Up and Co-Host of the top-ranked Marketing School Podcast.

Eric’s journey has taken him from having “no idea how to run a business” at 27 to now having scaled his agency into 8-figures, all while building a media brand, authoring a book and becoming a recognizable name in SEO and modern marketing more broadly.

Despite his successes, Eric does hold back from sharing his missteps along the way and (most importantly) the lessons you can take from them.

For instance, you’ll hear:

  • What roles should be contractors vs FTEs in your agency

  • The CEO’s actual role in hiring during times of growth

  • Counterintuitive ways to identify and recruit new talent

In addition to sharing his hard learned hiring secrets, Eric shares:

  • The 2 best operating systems you can steal from to make your agency run more efficiently

  • When and where pay-for-performance pricing makes sense for most agencies

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

An Agency’s Guide to Measuring And Improving Billable Utilization (Ebook)

Connect with Eric on LinkedIn

The Agency Owner’s Association with Eric Siu & Neil Patel 

Working Backwards by Colin Bryar & Bill Carr

Free Tool to Run Your L10 Meetings in EOS: InstantAgencyTools.com

The State of Agency Operations Report

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

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