Our people

Evin O'Keeffe

Content Marketing

Evin likes knitting, audiobooks, travel and Cinnamon Bears.

Originally from Washington, D.C., I'm now in Cork, Ireland with Teamwork.com. I feel right at home with all the developer talk here since my father is a computer scientist and I grew up with computers (or a VAX terminal) at home. I’ve wanted to be a writer and love clanking away on my Underwood. My communications/art degree fueled my passion for publications design and new media. I also love parsing data, so content marketing means I can do all my favorite things, plus correct people's grammar.

Conor Higgins

Teamwork Projects Product Lead

Conor likes boxing, football, dogs and UX

With a mixed background in research, design, development and usability, Conor is a jack of all trades and a master(ish) of some. Conor has experience in a number of fields, developing software for the American hospice industry, professional athlete monitoring, global customs & excise and CRM among others. He is currently completing his PhD thesis in Human Computer Interaction, focusing on developing applications for people with cognitive impairments (aphasia).

Adam Lynch

TeamworkChat Product Lead & Senior Software Engineer

Adam likes MGS, Github, Media Queries and Hip Hop.

"I don't know how or when I was introduced to computing. What I do know though, is that I was amazed. The word "addiction" was mentioned more than once by family members. As well as this, I was always interested in visual design and good at maths."

Pat Murphy

Support Specialist

Pat likes poker, photography and a good boogie.

Pat joined our Support Team in December 2013. He's a civilian, non developer, with a background in Architecture and Project Management (PMP), so don't be afraid to throw PM language at him!

Daniel Mackey

CTO & Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Daniel likes movies, Superman, KnockoutJS and Costa Coffee.

"When I was young, my father dragged home a Wang IBM PC (286) from work and there began my foray into computers. Nintendo's were not something we had as kids and while everyone was busy playing the latest video games, I had my head buried in Basic manuals trying to create my own games on the sly while avoiding homework."

Robert O'Leary


Robert likes Programming, politics, philosophy and science.

When I got my first computer at around the age of 10, I was instantly addicted, I spent every spare moment I had on that computer. When I finally got my hands on the internet, I discovered programming through a game modification called SA-MP, which allowed you to write custom game scripts. I was immediately hooked to solving the challenges that creating software presented.

Dori Kiss



Since moving to Ireland, Dori applies her vast experience in accounts management while broadening her knowledge of computer science. EU projects led to her love of collaborative work and PM. She also enjoys the sights of many fluffy sheep on the rolling green hills. What excites her most about working at Teamwork.com is the constant development and the challenge of persistently improving.

Julie Matkin

Customer Support Specialist

Julie likes photography, knitting, picking up new hobbies, and twisty roads in the Alps.

The only Scot in the office - so far! Julie has a degree in Computer Studies (from when software was developed in Visual Basic and HTML was new) and a background in 'traditional' desktop and server IT support. She loves helping customers from all over the world collaborate with their teams and customers using Teamwork.com products, and getting a sneaky look at all the new features that the developers are working on before they go live!

Emmet Campion


Emmet likes Cars, Music, Football and CoffeeScript.

I just completed my degree in computer science in UCC and now I'm working on Teamwork Chat with our great team. Before I started computer science I tried my hand at mechanical engineering and worked in a bar in my home town of Ballincollig. I love working with the latest technologies and seeing how everything works and fits together.

Adrian Cooney

Chat Developer

Festivals, Subwoofers, Coffee, Javascript, Design

I graduated from NUI Galway with a degree in Computer Science, sleep and beer. In my third year at university, I started working with Teamwork as an intern. I came back a year later as a wise and fully evolved software developer helping to build Teamwork Chat.

Jago Gibbons


Jago likes gaming, programming, american football and startups.

Jago first decided to work with computers when he played The Sims and decided that he needed to make his own version. He came on board in February 2015 and after years of .NET development he's finally coming to terms with not using semi-colons.
He recently shaved his beard, immediately suffered from shavers regret and is actively working on growing it back.

Paulius Jakimavicius


Paulius likes music, Javascript, Github and steak.

"My introduction to computers was quite late compared to others. I received my first computer as a birthday present when I turned 8. Shortly after, I discovered programming - I was fascinated by the idea that you could make a computer do anything you want. Aware of my new interest, my awesome sister gifted me two books on programming, and so I began writing simple text-based programs with Pascal and Delphi."

Donal Linehan


Donal likes water, Imperative, Sublime and Low Notea.

"My interest in computers, programming and the web stems from a lot of different places. For one, my father worked for a company who made components for macintosh computers (pre Jobs v2 and iEverything), so there has always been a computer in the house."

Leanne King

Marketing Executive

Leanne likes elephants, swag, farmers and gluten.

My job is to help our CMO make Teamwork.com a globally recognized brand in the project management field. The team here is very customer-focused so that gives us an excellent foundation to build on.

Peter Stoyanov

Front End Developer

Peter likes HTML5/CSS3, responsive designs , whiskey and wing chun.

I like working on a new things and improving old ones. I love working with the lads in Teamwork and happy to create awesomeness for the world with them. I'm always learning something and improving myself, always testing the limits.

Alder Cass

Marketing Developer

Alder likes front-end dev, API's, cocktails, and his several pets

I'm a CIT Multimedia graduate from West Cork with a background in E-Commerce development. Here in Teamwork.com I'm the marketing team's go-to nerd, handling all things technical involved in getting our products marketed to the world.

Michael Carew


Rugby, Technology, Coffee and Sport

Michael is passionate about having an excellent UX for our customers as they carry out their daily business using our Apps. Finding bugs and annoying the dev teams for a solution are the prerequisites of Michael's job. In his spare time, he wishes he could still play rugby by being part of a coaching team in a local rugby club.

James Draper


James likes soccer, Arduino, JQuery and German Beer.

I made the official move into web development slightly later than most, having originally studied Commerce at University. However, I always had an interest in technology and the web. While at University, I took my first step into the online world by setting up an online directory of pubs in Cork, as pubs were also an interest of mine during my student years!



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Cillian O' Keeffe

Mobile Developer

Cillian likes Apple, GAA, Dogs and Video Games.

Studied Applied Computing and Video Game Design in college, where I fell upon a class where we made a simple iOS App. I found App development amazing and knew that’s that I wanted to do. I love creating interactive, animated interfaces which makes software feel alive.

Ivo Ivanov

Head of Design

Ivo likes startups, snowboarding, cooking and pixel-perfect designs.

Ivo is a Photoshop wizard; we imagine watching him at work is like watching Beethoven composing his symphonies. His natural design ability, attention to detail, mad photoshop skills and passion for perfection have brought Teamwork on leaps and bounds.

Aodh O'Mahony

Senior Software Engineer

Aodh likes Gaming, Travel, Beers with friends & hacking things

My intro to computing was BASIC on a crappy old Vtech kids computer that wiped when it lost power.I've always been messing with electronics and software.I jumped for Computer Engineering in UL which was a nice 50/50 split of electronics and programming.I spent another 10 years in Limerick working on a variety of web projects, ending with being CTO of a major customs and excise software firm. Being from Kanturk,I finally succumbed to the siren song and returned late 2015 to join Teamwork.

Richard Noonan


Richard likes warthunder, Forex, Android and curry chips.

I'm from Cork City. I grew up a couple of miles away from where teamwork.com HQ is now. I come from a background in Electronic Design, IT & Tech Support. 10 years ago, I realized that I needed to learn Computing and how to create websites. My passion is problem solving and support.

Mike Butler

Mobile Apps Lead / Developer

Mike likes kayaking, making pizza, Coffeescript and StarBars.

"At 38 I'm a bit older than the rest of the guys at Teamwork. So instead of an XBox I started messing around on an Oric 1 (google it). It didn't do a whole lot and died within weeks, but it did have Zap and Ping as BASIC keywords and that got me hooked."

Yannick Chartois


Yannick likes coding, functional programming, Git and hiking.

Yannick joined the developer team in January 2015. After being a physics researcher he fell into coding craziness a few years ago and can't live without it now! Always looking to play with new language and concepts!

Brandon Hansen

Teamwork Desk Lead / Developer

Brandon likes being outdoors, playing with his kids and exploring the world.

Brandon got in to programming while in college studying business administration. Programming and building applications quickly became an obsession; one that he attempts to impose on everyone he meets.

Billy Mahony

CFO & Office Manager

Billy likes spuds, spreadsheets, Navicat and sport.

"The great thing about Teamwork is the input we all have in the product's development. My suggestions and comments are always taken on board; they might be thrown back at me sometimes but are always considered first!"

Emmet Florish

Head of Sales

Emmet likes motorcycles, music and M&M's

Just like Emmet in the Lego Movie sings, "Everything is awesome when you're part of a team"; Teamwork is a great place to work. I've had computers since the early 80's and have worked in the tech sector on both the hardware and software side for the past 20 years. My two kids still don't get that sales is nothing to do with boats but they sure do appreciate the flexibility that the culture at Teamwork facilitates, from doing the school runs, to being available for the school plays.

Vsevolod Dimitrov

UI & UX Designer

Vsevolod likes drawing, gaming and beer

I love my job at Teamwork. I joined the design team in April, 2015 and since then I'm all over the place, making cool and colorful things for all my colleagues. I like to spend my free time with my family and love all sorts of movies.

Robert James Gabriel

Software engineer

Robert James Likes Machine learning, Frontend performance, Ux and Lego.

I am Software engineer. I currently work at Teamwork.com on the Projects and Marketing development teams. I studied computer science at Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland and graduated at the top of my class along with winning over two dozen software engineering awards and scholarships. Read more

Michael "MJ" Heffernan

Testing Team Lead

MJ likes meat, tv and talking.

While I am nowhere near as technical-minded as the guys, I wouldn’t know the difference between Java or JavaScript (same thing isn’t it?), I do love technology and relish the chance to learn something new every day

Therese Cohalan

Marketing & Management

Therese likes movies, music, traveling and rugby.

I'm one of the few non-techy's here at Teamwork.com. I did a marketing internship here as part of my masters in Management and Marketing, and I was offered a job on the back of that. I'm delighted that I'm able to work in my home town of Cork, with such an exciting tech company. I'm eager to learn loads of new skills and to help Teamwork.com grow.

Peter Coppinger

CEO & Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Peter likes Kayaking, KnockoutJS, Sublime Text and Tayto.

I'm 36, live in Cork City, Ireland and I love my job. In fact I started programming on a commodore 64 back in the day when I was just 8. At 10 years old I was inspired when reading about good old Bill Gates and even then I knew that I wanted to make amazing software with a like-minded team of great developers

Aidan Grabe

Mobile Developer

Aidan likes swimming, tv and Android.

I graduated from Computer Science in UCC in 2015 and have worked for Teamwork ever since. I started working with Android in my spare time by making a few simple apps for myself. I then did a few months work placement working on iOS gasp before returning to the Android world and doing an Android Wear project for my final year in college.

Randy Jordan

Database Guru

Randy likes cats, sci-fi, Arduino and MYSQL.

"I hacked my first program on a Data General Nova 1220, and I have code in the DECUS library older than most of the developers here. And still I can't take my hands off the systems and fade way. So so I'm plying my skills here at Teamwork.com , and generally loving it."

Niall Chandler


Niall likes apple, good coffee, and the sea.

My weekends growing up were spent with my dad working for the family business, where I gained an ease with talking to customers. Before moving into business development for technology startups, I worked as a personal trainer so I’m naturally competitive and driven. I enjoy working closely with customers and will go out of my way to ensure their success and get the job done. Teamwork.com rocks!

Alan O'Driscoll

Support Specialist

Alan likes cycling, music, gaa and diy

From the town of Clonakilty to Cork city, I began my studies in Construction Management in CIT. From there I jumped straight into a MBS in Information Systems in UCC. Why the jump? Tech helps people do more, & I like helping others, so they can do more. Teamwork does exactly this-helps people do more! From my first part-time job up to now, it has always been about supporting people & helping out in anyway I can. If it means going out of my way & out of my own time, I’m there.

Victor Barry


Vic likes Movies, Writing about Movies and collecting Movie related junk from ebay.

Vic can be found producing and lending his dulcet tones to our videos as well as delving into support queries.

Adrian Kerr

Head of Support

Adrian likes anything Apple, rugby, Feedback and Kindle.

"I have known most of the guys here for over 10 years, so when the opportunity to join Teamwork arose I was delighted to come on-board. It is great to be working with a company who are so customer-focused and passionate about their product."

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