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Why use templates?

Teamwork Spaces templates enable you to create, edit, collaborate and share content, so you can ensure your teams’ time is spent on valuable work.

1: Save time

Reduce the unnecessary time your team spends on preparing their work by giving them access to a library of templates that enables them to instantly add value

2: Standardize processes

Improve the consistency of work across your business and ensure no one misses any key details by having your team use the premade templates in our template library.

3: Stay focused

Keep your team focused on the important tasks by enabling them to drive business outcomes by following detailed ready-made templates.

Create your own custom templates

If you would like to edit our templates, or if you have your own 5-star template that you would like your team to implement, simply create a page within Teamwork Spaces and save it as a Custom Template so everyone has the access to use going forward.

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