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Teamwork’s document management software has the smart, intuitive and unique features you need to bring your company’s knowledge to life.

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Powerful editor

The pages in Teamwork Spaces offer a real-time collaborative environment, capable of displaying per-character changes made by everyone contributing to the page — so you can see what's being edited as it's being edited.

Searchable structure

Spaces are perfect for all sorts of info, across all sorts of teams. Use them to organize important documents relating to your team, department, company, event, process, products, or policies.

Personal space

Bring your information to life by formatting your text and adding videos and images, to make reading your documents an enjoyable experience for the whole team.

Info Panels

Info panels allow you to highlight important pieces of information on your page in 5 different styles: info, note, success, error, or warning, to offer a better reader experience.

Status Chips

Easily add an extra layer of context to your work in an immediate and visual way using 6 different colours.

Internal Links

Quickly direct team members to other pages or spaces and make it easy for them to find what they need.

Image gallery

Add visual elements to your work by showcasing images in an engaging way and beautiful way.


Required Reading

Admins have the ability to mark individual documents as Required Reading, which will then appear on an employee’s dashboard until they mark it as read — and if you update the document, your team will be updated, too.

Permissions & user management

Grant access to spaces on a case-by-case basis with tailored privacy settings, so you can share what needs to be shared and still keep your private docs private.


Keep your team in the loop with a range of notification options, including email and in-app notifications. Easily communicate the creation, deletion and editing of spaces and pages, as well as member activity.

Follow a space

Get updates on the topics you care about. Follow the spaces that matter to you to see any changes to docs that you’re following.


Activity stream

Quickly catch up on what has changed in a space with the activity stream, which lets you see all the updates, edits, and engagements on the spaces you’re following at a glance.


Make sure your spaces get seen by the right people with @mentions, which allow you to tag and notify the relevant users.

Page comments

Enable everyone on your team to easily engage and contribute to the discussion with page comments on individual documents or spaces

Inline comments

Comment as you work so you can communicate and edit with context. Any piece of text can be highlighted, commented on, and replied to, and users can thumb up or down comments for faster and more effective communication.

File Attachments

Quickly and easily add supporting information to your pages with drag and drop file attachments, so you can keep all your information in one place.


Embedded task lists

Update your task lists in real time directly from a space by embedding your task lists into your content, so you can keep work progressing without needing to switch apps.

Link a project to a space

Keep all of your project’s relevant documentation easily to hand. Whether you’re dealing with SOPs, product specs, client information, internal policies, or more, ensure that your project-specific info is clear for everyone.

Embedded Chat

Collaborate with context with Embedded Chat, and keep discussions moving from within a space or document — without having to switch tabs and lose focus.

Confluence Importer

Easily make the switch from Confluence by using our importer to transfer all your existing documents to Teamwork Spaces.

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