Simplify planning and project execution alignment

Use and Teamwork Spaces together to align project planning and execution and ensure every task moves your business towards success.

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Built to work together and Teamwork Spaces work together as one so you don’t need to purchase or maintain integration between your work management and document collaboration apps — we take care of it all for you.

All your project documents in one place

Keep all of your project-related documents in one space so there’s no confusion about where to find your organization’s single source of truth.

Group all of your project-related documents together in intuitive, easy-to-read spaces in Teamwork Spaces, and link them to the relevant project in so they can be easily accessed by the team. Cut out the clutter and access SOPs, product specs, client information, internal policies or your company strategy directly from their linked projects.

Turn plans into actions


Whether you’re mapping out a big-picture strategy or running a quick team meeting, turn planning into actionable, trackable tasks in directly from Teamwork Spaces. Embed task lists directly into a space so decisions can be immediately turned into actions, giving your team more context and making processes more efficient.

Pravda Media Group increased team productivity by over 40% with

Removing barriers has also allowed the Pravda Media Group to transform their workweek and achieve new levels of efficiency they hadn’t anticipated.

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Build communication into your planning

Make decisions faster by connecting Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Spaces.

Communicate with context

Quickly communicate with your team from anywhere in or Teamwork Spaces to keep discussions moving forward — without switching tabs and losing focus.

Turn talk into actions

Make communication actionable

Turn decisions into actions by creating a task directly from a message in Teamwork Chat to keep work moving forward.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

When you update your status from Teamwork Chat, it automatically syncs with and vice versa — so you only need to set your status from one place to keep everyone in the loop.

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