Save time and standardize the agenda for your leadership and team meetings across your business by using our L10 Team Meeting template.

Following the EOS model, this template is specifically structured to solve any issues or challenges your teams are facing, ensuring meetings are focused and actionable.

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Keep your teams focused and aligned on the most important objectives and issues.

When you’re having your weekly meetings with your team, you need to ensure that you are addressing the most important objectives and issues that affect the team, the wider business and your clients.

With the L10 Team Meeting template, you can take the leg work out of the preparation. The L10 Team Meeting template enables your team to be well prepared before every meeting ensuring you use everyone's valuable time wisely during the meeting.

Using the L10 Team Meeting template you can efficiently and effectively manage your entire business execution for your quarterly rocks, and surface any blockers that are preventing teams and individuals from completing their work.

You can also dedicate time to share key business information during the Headlines section of the L10 Team Meeting template and have your tasks and to do’s listed, ready to be actioned before the next meeting, ensuring all the necessary information is captured and documented.

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4 reasons to use our Teamwork Spaces L10 Team Meeting template

Executing efficient meetings can be difficult and time-consuming, and without an L10 Team Meeting template, you and your team will carry the burden of doing the manual legwork in preparation for the meeting or you may lose focus in the meeting if it is organized too late.

1: Here are 4 key benefits to using the L10 Team Meeting template:

Stay focused and have actionable outputs to drive business outcomes The L10 Team Meeting template focuses all members in every meeting. By populating the areas provided within the L10 Team Meeting template, employees detail their key activities so only the most important information will be shared and discussed throughout the 90 minutes. Any actions are easily captured under the to do’s section to ensure there is a continuous flow of productive activity within the business.

2: Stay up-to-date on key metrics and rocks

Every business wants and needs to grow. In order to achieve this, clear business objectives need to be set! By continuously following the L10 Team Meeting template, it allows all teams within the organization to regularly touch base and ensure their rocks are progressing and key metrics and milestones are being achieved.

3: Solve the most important issues

The L10 Team Meeting template follows the EOS methodology, by placing the IDS in the latter end of the meeting. The collaborative editor within the Teamwork Spaces L10 Team Meeting template allows everyone to contribute any last-minute issues, then the most important issues can be discussed and addressed as quickly and appropriately as possible.

4: Save time and reduce workload

By following the L10 Team Meeting template, all of your team members can follow a structured approach across the business when carrying out their L10 meetings. You will save time by using the L10 Team Meeting template by reducing the amount of manual work put in by you and your team.

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Execute effective and efficient L10 meetings with our L10 Team Meeting template

Save time and keep your teams aligned and focused on key business activities by effectively planning and executing your L10 meetings.