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Effective meetings are key to productivity, and this starts with a well-documented meeting agenda template.

Preparing your meeting agenda in advance will enable all team members to come armed with the knowledge of the key topics of the meeting, enabling everyone to be prepared, aware, and engaged in the meeting.

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Get the most value out of every meeting with our meeting agenda template

In well run organizations, people make the most out of their colleagues valuable time. When involving other team members it is only courteous to share the aims and goals of your meeting so they understand why they are involved and what commitment is needed from them. 

To achieve this, use the Teamwork Spaces meeting agenda template to plan, organize, inform and run your meetings, ensuring that they are well attended and coworkers are focused.

By using the meeting agenda template, you can easily follow each section to ensure you have everything in order. Include an overview of the time, date, location/conference link and attendees. Set out what will be included in the meeting agenda and attach any pre reading or research that needs to be conducted before the meeting.

Then share your meeting agenda with those who ought to be in attendance well in advance of the meeting so everyone is clear on what needs to be achieved. Use the meeting agenda template while conducting the meeting to ensure that all minutes and follow up actions are captured.

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4 reasons to use our Teamwork Spaces meeting agenda template

To achieve such collaboration and productivity, here are 4 reasons to use our meeting agenda template:

1: Plan and execute a highly organized and collaborative meeting

By using the meeting agenda template you can ensure you’re fully prepared for your meeting, in turn preparing your colleagues and enabling them to come to the meeting energized, focused and ready to contribute to the meetings agenda. 

2: Ensure the meeting is interactive even when your team is remote

Easily alternate between the different widgets within the Teamwork Spaces meeting agenda template and keep your colleagues engaged throughout the meeting, with different individuals contributing simultaneously within the page. 

3: Clearly document the next steps to drive actionable outcomes

Whether you do or don’t use, create a detailed task list and assign ownership of each task to a team member to ensure you progress the work discussed during the meeting. 

4: Save time for you and your colleagues

Reduce the preparation time for your meetings by minimizing the manual work by using the meeting agenda template. Save your colleagues time by having everyone well informed of the meeting agenda in advance of the meeting so members can focus on discussing agenda items during the session.

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Drive engagement and productivity with our meeting agenda template

Use your colleagues time wisely and conduct a great meeting by starting off with our meeting agenda template.