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Your product offering is the sum of your features and services. To create loyal, recurring customers, you need to be consistently iterating your product, and in doing so, you need to ensure that you are developing the best features to suit your market. Or, maybe your business is developing websites for clients and you need to show them in their best light to their customers.

Either way, by following the feature planning template you can ensure that you are fully evaluating each feature before you begin to put further resources behind it.

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Have your team fully validate your next feature before you begin to develop it.

Develop the features your customers seek value in, by using our feature planning template to document and scope out the work for each element of your new feature.

With the feature planning template, you can take the worry out of missing key information. Diligently follow each section of the feature planning template to ensure you gather all the required information.

By using the feature planning template you will not only highlight the key benefits and uses of each new feature, but you will also develop insight into your direct competitors, success metrics, user stories and much more.

The feature planning template can be used across your entire team from research and design, where behavior and technical specs are developed; to product and engineering finetuning the solution and product marketing scoping the need in the marketplace.

The best place to organize and access your team and company content.

3 reasons to use our Teamwork Spaces feature planning template

How many times have you seen features being developed only for you customers to not adopt them? Effective feature planning is critical to the success of the feature.

Here are 3 key benefits to using the feature planning template in Teamwork Spaces

1: Document a solid plan for the development of your features

The feature planning template enables your entire team to collaborate on the same document, while ensuring all key information is gathered in one place, and can be used as a reference for the wider teams as you progress into the engineering and launch phases

2: Present the information in its best light

An array of widgets can be used within Teamwork Spaces when building out your workflows and specs, simply incorporate the ones you need from your feature planning template, be it; draw.io, charts, tables, etc. to ensure the information is displayed as you see fit.

3: Continuous improvement

By documenting and hosting your feature planning information all within Teamwork Spaces and following the feature planning template, you will not only develop consistency within your product team but you will also have a highly organized documentation of your features where ideas and future functionality can be quickly documented and referenced.

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Develop the right features for your customers by using our feature planning template

Capture the key information you need for your team and ensure you are using your resources wisely by building the right features.