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Create a culture of openness, trust, and mentorship between your company's managers and their employees with our one to one meeting template. 

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Nurture a symbiotic relationship between your managers and their team members

Effective one to one meetings should not follow an interview style encounter where the manager purely questions the employee. Instead this recurring meeting should create value for the employee, manager, and the business as a whole.

By following the one to one meeting template, your managers should develop an arsenal of tactics to hold highly beneficial one to one meetings with their teams.

Incorporating the one to one meeting template into your meeting structure, gives all employees the confidence that there is a standard process within the company for all one to one meetings.

This one to one meeting template, gives everyone the opportunity to not only discuss key tasks, issues and accomplishments but also the challenges and acquired learnings since the previous meeting. In addition it allows time to focus on the outputs needed from both the employee and the manager before the next meeting date.

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3 reasons to use the one to one meeting template

Creating the right environment for a one to one meeting can often be a little challenging. Company norms and varying personalities can alter the perception of how these meetings should be conducted. Therefore by using the one to one meeting template you can ensure your company has the best structure to create successful one to ones. 

Here are 3 key benefits to using the one to one meeting template:

1: Structured, yet open forum for healthy discussions

 Using the one to one meeting template gives both the manager and the employee a structure to follow while also dedicating time to have open discussions about any logged issues or challenges the employee is having that would not normally be discussed in a team meeting.

2: History of discussion points and work that can be revisited in follow up one to ones

The one to one meeting template encourages the logging of key topics that are discussed in the meeting. Using Teamwork Spaces to store this information ensures that employees' concerns are captured, not glossed over, and are appropriately addressed and discussed during the one to one.

3: Focus on progression

Progression, be it for an employees work or their own professional advancements is pertinent to their overall happiness and productivity in the workplace and their manager has a lot of responsibility for this. Therefore documenting the next steps for both the manager and the employee is essential to the progression on any tasks, whether it’s the employees task or more importantly the managers, who often plays a vital role in progressing work with other senior stakeholders. Use the timeline widget within the template to map career progression or project tasks.

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Conduct the best mutually beneficial one to ones with our one to one meeting template

Create the best environment for your employees to feel confident and comfortable to express their thoughts, ideas and concerns in their one to one meetings with their managers