Complete control

Complete control

Keeping control and order across the project board is a big part of a Project Manager’s job. Know how things are progressing at all times. Need to keep some details of the project private? No problem, just use our privacy feature. Away from your computer but need to stay connected to your projects? We’ve got your back with our iOS apps and Android apps.

Visualize your projects

Visualize your projects

Always know where you stand. Teamwork Projects means you can plan ahead, track you and your team’s progression. Use our Gantt Charts, Reporting and Time Tracking features to keep you in the know.

Organize Anything

Create Milestones, mark your events in the calendar or avail of status updates. You’ll never miss a deadline again!

Organize Anything

All Your Team, Clients And Contacts In One Place

No more sifting through emails or searching for attachments. Keep your team, files, comments and attachments in one secure place. Keep it simple - no more time wasting.

All Your Team, Clients And Contacts In One Place
Everyone’s status up to date

Everyone’s status up to date

Real time status updates mean that each team member knows where the other is. Working remotely or running a little late? Just update your status so that productivity is not affected.

Advanced privacy options

Advanced privacy options
and permissions

There’s always going to be information on a project that only senior management are privy to. Our privacy feature gives you the opportunity to handle this information discreetly. You decide who sees what!

Still Not Sure

Here’s what they have to say about Teamwork Projects

  • Russell Chappe

    "Lockdown" is an amazing, brilliant, fantastic, feature!! Thank you development team - we couldn't have expected a more simple way that you have executed this. This will help our business immensely!!!! You guys really listen to your customers. With this feature you have set yourselves way ahead of any rival collaboration software!! And impersonate- wow!!!

    Russell Chappe
    Director Focus Project Management

  • John Greenbury

    Exceptional! Just wanted you to give some immediate feedback - I have looked at all of the major online project managers in the past two days (inc. LiquidPlanner, SmartSheet, Zoho, BaseCamp, ViewPath, GroupCamp, Do and ProjectBubble, and at least three others I can't remember) and none offer the value, speed, smarts and usability that yours does. Highly intuitive. Brilliant work.

    John Greenbury
    Associate Director Australian Escapes

  • Sabrina Dent

    After comparing feature sets and pricing from a bunch of online project management applications, I chose Teamwork Projects- and I'm delighted that I did. It's not just the great user interface and the terrific feature set; it's the team behind it. You guys are really responsive to user suggestions, bug reports and feedback. You're a real company run by real people. There's no waiting for a week to get an email back from you guys - I've never even had to wait an hour. You guys sincerely rock.

    Sabrina Dent
    Freelance web designer Sabrina Dent Design

  • Daniel Kim

    I have started playing with the app and am incredibly impressed with the UI and the streamlined approach to project management.

    This is definitely the type of app I've been looking for to use in our web dev shop, as it hits a sweet spot compared to other web or desktop apps that are too simplistic, too complicated, or too cumbersome.

    The most compelling feature is the ability to see milestones and tasks of all projects. Keep up the great work!

    Daniel Kim

  • David Parrish

    Fantastic app! Simply exceptional! I have been a web developer since the 90s, and this is one of the most elegant, efficient and well thought out products I have ever had the pleasure to use. Extremely well done.

    David Parrish
    Senior Analyst / Programmer Duke University School of Nursing