Complete control

Complete control

Keeping control and order across the project board is a big part of a Project Manager’s job. Know how things are progressing at all times. Need to keep some details of the project private? No problem, just use our privacy feature. Away from your computer but need to stay connected to your projects? We’ve got your back with our iOS apps and Android apps.

Visualize your projects

Visualize your projects

Always know where you stand. Teamwork Projects means you can plan ahead, track you and your team’s progression. Use our Gantt Charts, Reporting and Time Tracking features to keep you in the know.

Organize Anything

Create Milestones, mark your events in the calendar or avail of status updates. You’ll never miss a deadline again!

Organize Anything

All Your Team, Clients And Contacts In One Place

No more sifting through emails or searching for attachments. Keep your team, files, comments and attachments in one secure place. Keep it simple - no more time wasting.

All Your Team, Clients And Contacts In One Place
Everyone’s status up to date

Everyone’s status up to date

Real time status updates mean that each team member knows where the other is. Working remotely or running a little late? Just update your status so that productivity is not affected.

Advanced privacy options

Advanced privacy options
and permissions

There’s always going to be information on a project that only senior management are privy to. Our privacy feature gives you the opportunity to handle this information discreetly. You decide who sees what!

Don’t Take it From Us

Here’s what they have to say about our products

  • Coletta Perry

    Thanks! Here in the US it is Thanksgiving morning. I'm just writing to say "Thanks" for what appears to be an incredibly smart product and for the smart people behind it — and for the incredibly easy and quick import from our Basecamp trial account!

    Coletta Perry
    CEO - Senior Solutions Architect Avatar DPS

  • Jeremiah Banister

    But if you have not tried this solution I would not purchase or move in any direction till you give this a shot! I have tried many of the products in the market as we are needing some specific fundamentals that most products do not offer and we find that this covers most of our needs. Those areas that are not covered we simply type in the Suggestions and Feedback section of the site and we find them being worked into the integration of the product! They do a great job of keeping us and our ideas at the top of there list and I am sure we are not alone...

    Test this product before you decide on ANY other product, you will be sorry (in my opinion) if you do not. We wasted a lot of time on other products that just don't provide the needs of our group. Forget about asking for new features! Many of the other Project Management solutions are either "Complete" meaning are not developing new features or don't seem to be interested in your needs! You will find this untrue of Team WORK! They are the best!

    Do yourself a favor and give this solution a try, for goodness sake you can try it for free!


    Jeremiah Banister

  • Andrew

    Wow. I just converted from Basecamp in 15 minutes.

    Hello, I've been searching for a new project / task tool for a few months - just haven't found anything decent so I've been stuck using the new version of Basecamp. I've seen your name before - but for some reason, didn't want to try - gave it a shot today though and WOW. I wish I'd found you earlier.

    Also, I converted all of our open tasks from Basecamp in 15 minutes. I love your email import feature - was even able to copy in some important historical / completed items.

    Thank you so much. I'll be sure to spread the word. Nice work!!


  • Mitch Stratford

    Best Collaboration Software Ever

    I'd just like to comment that this is the best software I have ever come across.
    It's clean, user-friendly, easy to edit, easily configurable, contains the functions needed to collaborate (Messages, Files, Resources(love that idea)).

    I'm glad I found this software, I'd just like to say thanks for making it free, it really has helped a great deal.

    I will be telling my friends about it.


    Mitch Stratford

  • Tony Zilles

    This is so good

    Just a wee note to say just how good I find using Teamwork Projects. I have used a number of other pm systems and nothing has the overall value of this system. Yes there is some way to go yet, but I know you are on the case and working on it. Anyone who can't lift their working efficiency 100% or more using Teamwork Projects is not trying very hard.

    Tech support responses are typically rec'd within minutes. Outstanding. I am factoring in Teamwork Projects to all my future projects both as an aid to efficient PM and as an add-on benefit of working with me.

    You are doing great work. Keep it up. I will be referring Teamwork Projects to all my clients and associates as an essential tool for anyone that needs to coordinate a team on a project.


    Tony Zilles
    Digital Business Media