What is Teamwork Catalyst?


A shared space that will act as an incubator for early stage SaaS startups. Use of the incubator is 100% free. You will have access to wifi, snacks, coffee, a fully-stocked library with must-reads for SaaS, and parking completely free of charge. Founders of Teamwork.com Peter and Daniel will also be available once a month for mentoring and guidance on your business.


Located on the top floor of (view on map) North Point House. on the outskirts of Cork City. This was our home until very recently and holds lots of great memories.

Who will be there?


You and your team will be sharing this office space with other promising startups that have applied and been selected by us. There is a maximum of 10 people per company.

Who will be there?


We've been where you are and we know it's a struggle getting something off the ground. When we were just starting out we ran a consultancy business to help make ends meet. This was a hard place to escape and we don't want to see other businesses in the same position. We want you to be able to focus 100% on building something amazing. We have the space and we want to put it to good use.