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It's time for a roundup of the features released during Q2 2021 here at Teamwork. We had another busy, yet exciting, quarter as our product teams got to work. In case you missed any updates, check out all of the Teamwork features released over the second quarter of our year to see how each could help your business. 

We hope you enjoyed the new features released this last quarter, and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback. contact us at support@teamwork.com

Simplify work requests with Teamwork’s new Intake Forms 

Different teams and businesses have various processes for submitting work requests. On top of this, it’s tough to know exactly what someone is asking you to do and how you should begin to tackle a task.

With the new Teamwork Intake Forms, you can now create a personalized form with ease! This ensures that the information needed is clearly listed within a task and is assigned to the correct task list.

All you need to do is create the form and share the link with the relevant parties. Whether your requests come from clients or colleagues, the new Intake Forms allows them to easily submit new tasks for you to review, price and then take action.

Introducing custom branding and logo within Intake Forms

We introduced the option to disable the Teamwork branding from your Intake Forms, which is available to our customers on the per-user price plan Grow and above. 

To enable this, toggle the custom branding in the form Settings tab, and the Teamwork branding will be removed for users when submitting the form. You can also personalize your form to include your own branding, which is done by adding your logo to the top of a form.

Now your clients can easily identify your Intake Forms.

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Our new reports export functionality gives stakeholders more visibility

During the first quarter of the year, we released a number of reports in Teamwork, including: 

Next, we introduced our export feature, which lets you export any of these reports. It’s easy to download a copy of the report into a PDF. Just click the export option in the top right corner of a report and you can easily share the reports with stakeholders that need visibility.

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Revamped Notebook Editor: Create, edit, and collaborate on content with ease

We revamped the entire Notebooks feature, which now allows teams to easily create and edit content in real-time within the new collaborative and simplified editor. Host your team's documents and use the new searchable table view to find information quickly.

Introducing our new streamlined Add Project Wizard

We brought you our brand new Add Project Wizard, which makes it easier than ever to add Projects from scratch or through project Templates. The process is even more streamlined with a step-by-step flow.

The new Add Project Wizard helps you to save time and ensure consistency across your projects.

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Enhancing Table View 

Table View was released earlier this year, which offers a way to efficiently manage all of your work easier than ever before. With this view you can add, track, and manage your project work quickly to digest large volumes of data and information. 

Since releasing Table View, we've made enhancements and added a significant amount of functionality to it. You can now edit numerous task details from directly within the Table View! 

After listening to our customer feedback, the most requested enhancement was to have the ability to add and edit estimated time from within the table. 

We added in this improvement and reduced the number of clicks from 5 to 2 for users adding estimated time. This increases the efficiency and ease of use for customers.

 Here are the other fields that are now editable from within Table View include:

  • Populate, change or clear Task Description — New!

  • Populate, change or clear Text Custom Fields — New!

  • Populate, change or clear Numerical Custom Fields — New!

  • Populate, change or clear Dropdown Custom Fields — New!

  • Assign, change or clear a Board Column — New!

  • Populate, change or clear Task Name

  • Populate, change or clear Task Assignees

  • Populate, change or clear Start and End Dates

  • Populate, change or clear Priority

  • Populate, change or clear Tags

  • Add, change or clear Estimated Time 

  • Log Time

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Inline editing updates in Table View

We also added another very exciting update to our Table View! You can now add and edit task items inline, including board columns, custom fields, and more. Or simply sort your task columns and manually reorder your tasks.

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Enhancing our new Mobile App

Since releasing our new fully native mobile app, we’ve taken your feedback into consideration once again. To help further improve your experience, we've made nearly 200 small enhancements to the app.

What’s new on iOS

We redesigned the screen and produced a beautiful new look that's easier to work with. We also added the links section to the app, which means you can view any link already added to a project.

The most frequently requested feature for the iOS app was the ability to see tasks across multiple projects, which is why we implemented it! We added an “All Tasks'' button which is visible on the Home screen. 

Once you open the app, you can switch to a view that allows you to see all tasks across all projects. You can also filter to see tasks Assigned to you, tasks that are Late, and tasks that are Due today.

The iOS team worked hard on creating a way to view Tasks within all lists collectively. You can now get a holistic view of all tasks within a single project on one screen, by selecting All Lists.

Another highly requested feature on iOS was the option to see what tasks might be due on a certain day. Now tasks are available on the Calendar screen! You can access this by picking a day in the calendar and simply switching between viewing tasks or events. We shrunk the calendar down to a swipeable week view to make it easier to view all of the extra information.

What’s new on android

Here are some of the improvements we have made on android over the last few months:

  • We added support for working with Completed Task Lists.

  • View all tasks for every project within the android app by simply selecting the All tasks button from the Home Screen.

  • We also made it easier to remove the incorrect time entry. For those instances where you've made a mistake in logging time, it’s now easy to remove it. 

  • Personal tasks can now be viewed straight from android.

Along with these new additions, we also added the process of showing Task List defaults when creating a task.

Both iOS & Android

We went ahead and added Clock In/Out as it had been heavily requested.

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Work from anywhere

Teamwork’s new, beautifully designed native project management mobile app are centered on helping you collaborate on and complete your work from anywhere, at any time.

Download now

Updated User Rates solution

During the second quarter of the year, we were super excited to inform you about the upcoming User Rates solution! And now it's here! The updated User Rates solution gives you the ability to set two types of rates:

  • Cost Rate — Hourly cost to your company for each employee

  • Billable rate – Hourly rate you charge clients for your employee

The billable rate allows for increased flexibility when setting rates. You can set them at the site level, assign a default project rate, or assign a specific project setting.

Collaborate faster with developers through the Teamwork — Jira Integration

We know when you collaborate with different developers, it can get frustrating having to go back and forth between Teamwork and the development tool. This is why we’ve introduced a new integration that will make your life a whole lot easier!

With Unito, you can build two-way integrations connecting Teamwork to development tools like Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, and Microsoft Azure DevOps. Now, it's a whole lot easier to collaborate with your development teams and build more efficient workflows without ever leaving Teamwork.

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Keep an eye on our blog for our monthly platform updates.

We hope this round-up of the features released in Teamwork over Q2 has been useful. If you have any feedback or questions, please leave us a comment below in the comments area or email us at support@teamwork.com.

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