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Portfolio project management software

Get a panoramic view of your projects with Teamwork’s portfolio project management tool.

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Portfolio project management software

See the big picture with portfolio project management software

Whether you’re looking for top-level updates or a quick way to see important details, Teamwork’s portfolio project management tool makes it easy to get a high level overview of multiple projects at once.


See everything clearly

Get a bird’s-eye view of all of your projects and see where each one stands, when they’re due, and which clients they’re for, for a more holistic and strategic overview of what your team is working on at any given moment.

Improve your processes

Teamwork’s easy-to-use portfolio project management software allows you to set triggers to automate your admin, keeping work moving smoothly along as your projects progress towards completion.

Manage all projects from one central place

Get quick updates on each project’s activity without needing to navigate away. Portfolio in Teamwork gives you the insights you need to analyze your team’s performance with just one click.

Oversee your operations with clarity

Using a portfolio project management tool, it’s easier to spot trends across projects, so you can predict bottlenecks, proactively take action, and manage your resources more efficiently.

The problem

Keeping all of the moving parts of a project in motion is no mean feat — and that’s just for one project. As you scale, it can become almost impossible to keep an eye on everything that needs your attention across multiple projects.

The solution

Portfolio project management software gives you the perfect vantage point to see all your projects once at once, and quickly get the insights you need, from top-level updates to nitty-gritty details.

The result

A panoramic view of all of your projects, so you can track, manage, and report on your team’s work from one central place.

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