Get a panoramic view of your projects with Portfolio

Portfolio makes it easy for project managers to get a high level overview of multiple projects at once.

Whether you’re looking for top-level updates, real-time status reports for clients, or a quick way to jump to the important details, Portfolio gives you a bird’s eye view of where all of your projects stand.

See the bigger picture

  • Great project managers bring out the best in their teams. They’re the glue that holds everything together, the ones who keep the momentum going when things get tricky.

  • They make it look so easy. But keeping all of the moving parts of a project in motion is no mean feat — and that’s just for one project. As you scale, it can become almost impossible to keep an eye on everything that needs your attention across multiple projects.

    That’s where Portfolio comes in, giving you the perfect vantage point to see all your projects once.

Survey your projects from a new perspective

Use Portfolio to see every project represented as a card and manage them all from one central place

Multiple boards

Create boards to organize and manage your projects, and use easily sortable columns to track each one’s progress.

Improved processes

Set triggers to automate your admin and keep work moving smoothly along as your projects move towards completion.

Project Summaries

Get quick updates on each project’s activity without needing to navigate away. Project Summaries give you the insights you need to analyze your team’s performance with just one click.

Teamwork is very easy to learn, very intuitive and user friendly. Our team made much use of the video tutorials and webinars when we were first trained, but we haven’t had to rely on them since.

Stephanie Deits, Director of Accounting and Corporate Operations at Idea Planet

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