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Set agents up for success with Training Wheels

Training Wheels helps you train and onboard agents — and carry out continuous QA — so you can consistently deliver high-quality, impactful responses.

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Here’s how it works

Training Wheels helps your agents to build their confidence and knowledge by automatically setting a percentage of their ticket responses to be reviewed by an experienced team member. The team member can then provide feedback on the proposed response, empowering your agents to continuously learn by doing, and ensuring that your customers always receive high-quality responses.

Training and onboarding new agents

Faster agent training and onboarding

Get new agents up to speed more quickly by streamlining training for easier onboarding. With a solid review system in place, you can quickly transform new hires into productive, problem-solving agents by giving them real-world experience from day one.

Consistent high-quality responses

Be confident that your team is delivering consistently high-quality, impactful responses — even when agents are in training.

Save time on reviewing agent responses

Build a comprehensive review process directly into your workflow to save time and increase productivity.

Stay on-brand

New agents can quickly learn the company tone of voice, writing standards, and technical terminology to stay on-brand in their responses.

Simplify remote agent training

For agents who are dotted around the globe, you can easily give feedback on their customer responses without needing to be in the same room.

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Training Wheels for quality assurance

Maintain a high standard

Ensure customers continuously receive consistent and proactive support by helping your agents to craft empathetic responses and learn how to negotiate difficult demands.

Keep your Happiness Rating high

If agents aren’t hitting the mark with their responses, guide them on how to give the customer the answer they’re looking for — so that your Happiness Ratings are always great and you’re exceeding customer expectations.

Share knowledge across the team

Set up a peer review system so that team members can review each other’s responses to ensure they’re constantly learning from each other.

Encourage professional development

Help your team to develop their communication and problem-solving skills by reviewing customer interactions and providing constructive feedback on how to improve.

Sharpen your team’s communications skills

Encourage agents to develop professionally by reviewing customer interactions and providing feedback on how to effectively communicate — especially if it’s a tricky topic.

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