Although many of us are still in lockdown around the world, the first month of the year has passed by quickly at Teamwork as we've focused on delivering valuable features across our platform.

A few of the new features include the Utilization Report in Teamwork, which enables you to easily track and manage your team's resources and ensure timely project execution while avoiding employee burnout. In Teamwork Desk, we’ve launched Business Hours, which will allow you to enhance your customer support. And, we’ve also introduced the Trash Can in Teamwork CRM which will save you from accidentally deleting some key contacts and deals. 

Check them all out below in detail and see how you can enhance processes within your business throughout 2021 with the addition of these new features.

Our new Utilization Report measures your users available, logged and estimated time — allowing you to better manage and track past utilization efforts as well as forecast your team’s time distribution in the future, so you can ensure your projects are effectively resourced. 


It’s now easier than ever to view and sort your custom templates in Teamwork. Use our new library of Teamwork templates to quickly build your projects or tweak and save as custom templates — saving you time and ensuring everything is captured.

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Use to manage multiple complex projects with ease.

Do you offer multiple levels of support but can't effectively track or bill for the additional service? Do out of hours requests cause inaccurate first response and resolution times? Business Hours solves these challenges, and allows you to manage client expectations using powerful automations. 

Business Hours

Building on Desk’s advanced security and HIPAA options, it’s now possible to set a specific inbox to only send out private notifications. This ensures that no confidential information goes out in emails, and all customer interactions happen through Desk and the customer portal.

Private notifications

Feel confident when deleting any deals, activities, contacts or companies with CRM Trash Can. You now have 30 days to restore any activity in the Trash Can that may have been accidentally deleted before being permanently removed from Teamwork CRM.

We’ve been teasing our Gmail solution for a while now so it is time we provide you with an important update. Our team is only awaiting Google certification, which is currently in progress. This will allow us to soon release our CRM - GSuite email sync to all our GSuite customers.

Easily find your spaces with our new categorization functionality. Your Space admin can create a list of categories, allowing your team to organize and group your Spaces — saving everyone time when locating content.

Download, open, edit and save changes to files stored in the Files area of your projects without ever leaving Teamwork. Use our new desktop app and simplify the way you manage your assets.

We hope you like these new features. As always please share your feedback in the comments sections below or contact us at if you have any questions.