Features & Development Roadmap

We're always improving Teamwork.com products based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here's a note of the main features we're working on next.

Coming soon

  • 1 Nicer dashboard with metrics (In Progress)
  • 2 Resource management & workload (Planning)
  • 3 Departments (Planning)
  • 4 Reporting (Planning)

Recently Completed

  • More powerful filtering on all sections
  • Solution to SSO(SAML) login on mobile apps
  • Board view for tasks
  • Task Templates: Allow non-admins to manage these
  • TKO
  • Add an "Activity" tab to the people page
  • Invite Users - switch to new form style - can pick projects and send message
  • Push Notifications for iOS/Android apps
  • Merge Box ac per project Improvements in
  • Default project permissions
  • Ability to add cross project dependencies
  • Tags: Files/Messages/Links/Projects/Notebooks/Milestones
  • Invite Users
  • API: Billing: GET/PUT/POST/DELETE calls for Invoices and Expenses
  • Native V2 of iPhone and Android Phone Apps

Recent Updates

  • Share your filters! Nov 1, 2017
    If you've set up a filter that you think would be useful to someone else on your team, now you can share it with them by grabbing the URL for sharing in Chat, email or elsewhere - or you can even have it emailed directly to them without leaving Teamwork Projects!
    Read more about filter sharing in the blog
  • Roundup for October Nov 1, 2017
    In October, we added plenty of updates based directly on customer requests. The calendar day view now scrolls to the current time for today and you can exclude events you created but aren't attending. 
    In the project summary, you can click a column name to show a quick list of the tasks in the column without having to leave the screen - and not only that, you now have a totally new 'Collaborator' user type to choose when you're managing people on your site!
    Find all the details in our October Roundup on the blog...
  • Filtering enhancements Oct 12, 2017
    We've been listening to all the feedback about the new filters and have been adding some improvements to make them even better!
    Now, you'll find:
    - An option to include completed tasks when you filter the tasks area within a project
    - A way to view and quickly switch between your saved filters at the top of the screen
    - New options for filtering by multiple tags to show items with all or any of the selected tags
    - Sorting by project when you're looking at messages in the 'Everything' area
    - When you save a filter, the sort order will be saved too
    Find all the details about filtering in our Help Docs
  • Filtering updates, including "Saved Filters" Sep 28, 2017
    Filters have a new home on the right of each screen, and we've added even more filtering options so you can get really specific about what you want to see.
    Not only that, you can now save filters too - so you can jump straight back in and see the results without selecting everything again!
    Read the blog post
  • New Gantt option: 'Skip Weekends' Aug 24, 2017
    If you prefer using the Gantt view to build or manage your project timeline, now you can make sure that milestones or task start and due dates won't land on a Saturday or Sunday. 
    Just enable the 'Skip Weekends' option in the Gantt settings to hide Saturdays and Sundays on the chart, and if any existing tasks need to be pushed, you can review them before saving the new dates.
    Find all the details in the Help Doc
  • Save time onboarding your team with 'Default Projects' Aug 11, 2017
    If you have existing projects that you want new users to automatically have access to, we've just released a 'Default Projects' feature in the 'Templates' area that you'll find really useful!
    Now, you can save time when you're adding new people to your site by setting up default projects - and for extra control, you can even choose whether you want to add everyone, or just owner company users.
    Find all the details for Default Projects in the Help Doc
  • Import your projects from Basecamp and Asana Jul 31, 2017
    As many of our new customers move to Teamwork Projects from other platforms we wanted to make it even easier to make the switch!
    In just a couple of clicks, you can transfer all of your data to Teamwork Projects, whether you're coming from Asana, or any version of Basecamp.
    Check out the blog post for details
  • Updates for time tracking and client onboarding Jul 31, 2017
    Time tracking is a critical feature for billing clients, estimating jobs or simply making sure your team is getting the most from their work week. We’ve added several updates to the Teamwork Timer desktop app that make logging those important hours simple and intuitive.
    For anyone that uses external companies in Teamwork Projects, we’ve also created a new client onboarding video that will help clients when they’re starting to use Teamwork Projects for the first time.
    Learn more about all the updates in the blog
  • Project Setting: Allow "Notify" for tasks assigned to "Anyone" Jun 23, 2017
    Quite a while ago we removed the option to notify all people on a project when a task is assigned to "Anyone" to try and cut down on email noise. 
    This suited a lot of people but disrupted a number of users so we've made this a per project setting. 
    Head to Project Setting->Notifications and check on **Allow Notify for tasks assigned to "Anyone"**
  • 3 new triggers to improve your productivity May 10, 2017
    We're getting lots of great feedback for board view and we're continuing to add great new features, especially around triggers! 
    This time round, we’ve added triggers for:
    - **Estimated time** - choose whether to set, increase or decrease the estimated time on a task. 
    - **Assignees** - you can now add, remove or set specific assignees, or you can even assign the task to the person moving the card!
    - **Auto Archive completed cards** - any completed cards in that column will disappear from view.
    All these features have come directly from customer feedback and you’re going to love using them! Try them out today and let us [know what you think](https://twitter.com/teamwork)!
    Find all the details in the 'Triggers' Help Doc Article

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