The Workload and how we calculate time from tasks assigned to multiple users.

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Today we made a small change to the way tasks with multiple assignees are dealt with within the workload, this change has been made based on the feedback we have received over the past few months. Previously when a task was assigned to multiple people and there was estimated time associated with that task, in the workload we displayed that time as assigned to each person. This was not always correct and has in the past caused some confusion. How we changed this. When a task is assigned to a number of people we divide the time by the number of people that the task is assigned to.

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An example: Before the change: If a task is assigned to 3 people and 1 hour was estimated then the Workload would calculate this as an hour assigned to each person. Now: If a task is assigned to 3 people and 1 hour was estimated then the Workload will now calculate this as 20 minutes for each person instead of 1 hour for each person.

This does not impact on the option when assigning the task to multiple people and creating a task for each person. The time estimated in this case will display as the total estimated in the progress tab for each user. We will also in time be expanding on the workload section and would love to hear any suggestions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time through

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