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This month we’re delighted to bring you some exciting new updates from across the Teamwork Platform. From our new streamlined Add Project Wizard, improvements to Table View, Intake Forms, and the Mobile apps, to Training Wheels enhancement for Teamwork Desk, we’ve got many new feature enhancements that will help you work more efficiently.

We know how important integrations are to your workflows and we’ve continued our focus on integrations this month. Learn how Shopify and Teamwork Desk can improve your agent or client interactions by displaying important information about each individual customer’s shopping history directly on their tickets. And how you can have full visibility of customer feedback at your fingertips with Delighted for Teamwork Desk. 

Finally, we’re delighted to invite you to both our Quarterly Product webinar and our webinar on how to speed up QA testing and client feedback with Marker.io & Teamwork. 


Introducing our new streamlined Add Project Wizard

Earlier this month, we released our brand new Add Project Wizard! With a more streamlined, step-by-step flow, the new wizard makes it easier than ever to add Projects from scratch, or to add Projects using Project Templates, helping you to save time and ensure consistency across your projects. 

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With recently releasing our Templates gallery and the inclusion of Templates in our Add Project flow, you’ll now be more efficient than ever when setting up new projects.

As exciting as these new improvements are, we’re delighted to share that we’re also working on improving our Teamwork Task List templates. Keep an eye out, we’ll be making this change soon!

Introducing custom branding and logo within Intake Forms

Available for customers on the per-user price plan Grow and above. You now have the option to disable the Teamwork branding from your Intake Forms. Simply toggle the custom branding in the form Settings tab, and the Teamwork branding will be removed for users when submitting a form. 

You can also personalize your form and include your own branding by adding your logo to the top of a form, helping your clients easily identify your Intake Forms.

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Inline editing updates in Table View

We’ve been hard at work making some very exciting updates to our Table View! You can now add and edit task items inline — including board columns, custom fields, and more. You can also sort your task columns and manually reorder your tasks. 

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To get a full overview of all the exciting new additions to Table View, check out this help doc!

Webinar Invite Website QA testing and client feedback with Marker.io and Teamwork

Have you registered yet? There is still some time to sign up.

If you want to learn how to accelerate QA testing and client feedback with Marker.io, simply join our webinar on July 1st. These tools will give complete visibility over your QA and feedback process without ever having to leave Teamwork. 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Teamwork bug tracking: How to set up your Teamwork projects for website QA and bug tracking.

  • Website feedback: How your team and clients can report feedback into Teamwork, directly on your website.

  • Bug reporting: How to create bug reports with tons of technical meta-data for your developers in seconds.

  • Client status: How to give clients status updates, without giving them access to your Teamwork account.

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Teamwork Desk 

Introducing Delighted for Teamwork Desk — Have full visibility of customer feedback at your fingertips 

Data is one of the most valuable assets to an organization and wielding the right data can be particularly impactful to understand what your customers think about your business. 

While understanding customer experience is integral for any organization to remain profitable, we may not always have the right tools at hand to keep up with this information. Did you know that 77% of consumers prefer brands that collect and apply customer feedback? 

Our new integration, Delighted, solves this issue by giving you and your team a full view of exactly what your customers think. 

Learn more about how Delighted for Teamwork Desk can empower you to achieve a full view of customer sentiment.

Training Wheels enhancement for Teamwork Desk

We know how valuable Training Wheels are for you and your team.

Now you can enroll agents on individual inboxes with Training Wheels, ensuring that only responses related to your selected inboxes are sent for review. See our latest help doc if you want to find out a little more on how to set this up.

Enhance client interactions with Shopify and Teamwork Desk

Link your Shopify account with the Teamwork Desk Data Viewer to dramatically improve your agent and client interactions.  

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Within Teamwork Desk, you can use the Data Viewer integration to pull important information from your Shopify account and display it in the customer details panel of individual tickets, giving you the data you need to know about each individual customer’s shopping history.

The Data Viewer is designed to allow you to fetch data from remote systems and display that data in Teamwork Desk. You can make calls to open and authenticated JSON APIs and use a template to format how the response will look. To learn more about how to set this up visit our help doc.

Teamwork Mobile

We’re excited about the number of you who are now using our new mobile apps, and we want to thank you for continually sharing your feedback. This helps us prioritize what we focus on so we ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers.

What’s new on iOS

The iOS team has been focusing on getting tasks into the Calendar view. It is now possible to switch between Tasks and Events when you are navigating your calendar.

They have also been working on a way to view Tasks within all lists collectively. By selecting All Lists, you’re able to get a holistic view of all tasks within a single project on one screen.

What's new on android

The Android team has been working on personal tasks within the app. Now, you’re able to view and add personal tasks straight from your android.

As well as this, you’re now able to view all tasks for every project within the android app. All you need to do is select the “All tasks” button from the Home Screen.

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Quarterly product update webinar 

For this quarter’s product update join Teamwork Product Manager, Jane Aston, and Teamwork Desk Product Manager, Joanne Fitzmaurice, on Wednesday, June 30th at 11:00am EDT (4:00pm IST) for our quarterly product update! 

This webinar is tailored to provide you with insight into what's new within the Teamwork Platform and the features that are soon to be released. 

There will also be a Q&A session, where you will have the opportunity to directly ask our product managers any questions you have about Teamwork.

The webinar include:

  • The Teamwork Ecosystem

  • Recent product updates and an overview of the Teamwork roadmap

  • Product updates & roadmap for Teamwork Desk

  • Live Q&A

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment in the comments section below or contact us at support@teamwork.com with any questions.

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