Hi Five
You just might have heard some whispers that Apple has released a new iPhone.  The big new feature (apart from those gorgeous maps!) was the larger screen.  Now, whether you’re managing a complex project or a weekend trip, every extra pixel is worth its weight in gold.
We downloaded the SDK straight away and went through every screen in the app to make sure that it could take advantage in every way possible.  That means extra room to read your messages, more space to edit your tasks and less scrolling to find out what has to be done.  It works wonderfully in the simulator and we’re literally sitting in a cafe waiting to collect some iPhone 5’s to give it a good test on the actual hardware. For me, it was the extra row of bookmarked Task Lists that I found most useful.
The iPhone App gets an Update | Teamwork.com
Here in Ireland the iPhone 5 only came out today, a week behind the US, but we wanted to make sure everything’s perfect before we hit submit.  Happily, I have an iPhone 5 in my hand as I write this and it’s all working well!  So check the App Store in little over a week (it takes Apple a few days to get through the 15,000 or so apps submitted every week! )
That’s all very nice for those lucky few with new phones, but what about the rest of us older iPhone owners?  Don’t fret, we took the opportunity to add in a few of the most requested features so that all iPhone owners can benefit from this update.

Where to start?

Top of those requested features has to be Start Dates.
The iPhone App gets an Update | Teamwork.com
With the addition of Start Dates to the web app you can now manage the tasks in your project with more control than ever before.  Dan has written a blog post covering its genesis and extolling its virtues.
Obviously, we now support Start Dates throughout the iPhone app.  On Tasks List you’ll see both Start dates and Due Dates and if the room permits we expand them out to include day and month names.  The Task Editor, too, allows you to easily specify both the Start Date and the End Date of a task.
On the subject of tasks and dates here’s a couple of quick Power User Tips:

  • Swipe right or left on a date in an Editor for a quick way to move up or down through consecutive dates.  So when one of your tasks is moved by a couple of days – swipe, swipe, tap and the task is updated.  Fast.
  • Dan also covered this one very well, but it’s so useful I have to repeat it here: ever had the problem of optimistically marking a bunch of tasks as Due Today, then when they run late you have to keep changing each one so that it appears in your Due Today list?  Well, now just set a Start Date, then as long as the task has started and not finished it will appear on the My Tasks: Today screen.  Sorted.

New Links Section added

The iPhone App gets an Update | Teamwork.com
 Another big ticket item added in this update is support for the recently renamed and revamped Links section.  Links gives you an area to keep all of those handy links that you’ve found and that you think will be useful for your project as some stage.  Whether it’s the link to a contract-winning architect for an upcoming build, some background research for a new project, or even an embedded survey for the office night out, Links is the place to store it.
As you’d expect, the iPhone app can now list, view and create Links.  It also makes it easy to copy a URL from any app into TeamworkPM.  Now when you’re out and about and you find a gem, keep track of it with Links.
There are a few other subtle changes as well as a bug fix for an Authentication problem which was affecting a small number of users (where the app wouldn’t save the password).  In the meantime, let us know what you think.  As always, we love feedback, both the good kind and the harsh kind, so get in touch.  If there’s something you’d like to see added, or if there’s a tip or topic that you’d like us to write about then drop us a line or leave a comment.
Enjoy your updated iPhones, whether it’s a 5 or earlier!