Teamwork Experts

While the development team working on Teamwork Projects continues its work behind the scenes, we wanted to make you aware of something else that has been brewing since mid-2015. Every week, we get requests from people looking to become certified in offering training in Teamwork Projects.  
After a lot of discussion, we decided it was time to expand our certified trainers network. We currently have a small, but brilliant, group of trainers in the form of CTO 2 GO, SurgeFront, Focused Partnerships, This is Productivity, Focused on Learning, and The Techie Mentor – all of whom are dotted around the globe. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our newly named Certified Teamwork Experts Program which will help us add to our Experts family. This course was developed by our very own support team and is designed to equip the reader with as much knowledge on Teamwork Projects as possible. It contains specially created content not found anywhere else. For more information on becoming a Certified Teamwork Expert, check out the webpage or email

Mobile App – Reminders on tasks

Reminders on tasks have arrived on mobile. Simply select the task you want to add the reminder to then, within the task details, select Add a reminder, and determine if you wish to notify just yourself or everyone on the task, the date and time you wish to receive the reminder, and whether or not you want to receive it via email, SMS, or a push notification. To delete it, tap the reminder again and select delete

Featured Integration – Teamwork Projects Essentials for Outlook

Last August, we mentioned a new third party integration to you – Teamwork Projects Essentials for Outlook. After that initial release, they received a lot of feedback. Now, they’re back with some big improvements and updates. As well as a revamped add-in, they’ve also added some new features:

  • Task synchronization.

Teamwork Essentials for Outlook can now synchronize your Tasks in Teamwork Projects with tasks in Outlook. Update progress, change due dates, or complete tasks directly within your Microsoft Outlook.

  • Contact synchronization.

Within your Outlook, you will find a new contact list. This list is synchronized with all the people within your Teamwork Projects installation. Teamwork Essentials for Outlook synchronizes all the people in Teamwork Projects with this list and also tells you which projects these people are working on.

  • Paired with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, these features bring you even more.

All entries are synchronized with the server. You can share your task lists with colleagues, or access your contacts using your mobile phone.

  • Activity and Status Update

Within the newly created Teamwork Projects Section in Outlook, you can see the recent activities of others in the project and also get a quick overview on project status. Learn more about this integration here.
For a full list of March 2016 fixes and updates to the Teamwork Projects application, take a look here.
And that sees us close the door on the first quarter of 2016. Lots coming in Q2!