When it comes to designing your marketing agency’s website, it's important to put your best foot forward. Showcasing top-notch work helps potential clients see just what your agency is capable of—and what they might expect if they choose to work with you.

Agencies that do a great job marketing themselves build instant trust and credibility. It's where you can show off your best work and tell your brand's story, and it's also where first impressions are made.

In this post, we’re taking a look at 5 of the best marketing agency websites we’ve come across so far this year and what makes them so great. Plus, we share some themes and tips you can apply to your own site!

Let’s dig in.

Image source: RNO1.com

RNO1 is a California-based digital marketing agency that helps businesses build better websites, develop their brands and identities, create compelling eCommerce experiences, and much more.

Take a quick look around their site and you’ll start to see lots of copy and visual components that lean into the ocean, waves, and generally all things California. With offices up and down the entire west coast, there’s no doubt they’re taking advantage of this part of their DNA and using it to position themselves in a unique way.

RNO1 makes references to the ocean through imagery as well as descriptive statements like, “We make waves with fast-moving & fluid brands.” Why does this work so well RNO1?

Well, for starters, they want to work with brands that are purpose-driven and excited by change. They describe themselves as “west coast change-makers,” which might turn off brands that aren’t ready to be edgy and take risks.

This helps RNO1 position themselves squarely for their ideal customer—brands that are ready for change.

Image source: Mosaic.com

Mosaic is one of North America's largest (and most impressive!) marketing agencies. They’ve worked with the likes of Budweiser and Google and offer a wide array of services to their clients, spanning everything from pop-up experiences and PR stunts, to influencer marketing and immersive AR/VR. 

From the moment you land on their homepage, you’re instantly sucked into a huge video that lives above the fold. In just a few seconds, you’re transported into a number of different worlds, from a roller rink to an art exhibit to a paint-filled tennis match.

Bold copy evolves to match each scene, highlighting just what Mosaic is capable of and what makes them stand out from the competition. Because Mosaic helps brands with such a wide array of marketing activities, it’s critical that visitors understand what they offer from the moment they land on their site.

Their effective use of video here helps them quickly hammer that point across.

Image source: beans.agency.com

Talk about creativity!

Beans Agency is a Ukrainian digital agency that does a fantastic job showcasing what they’re all about and the services they offer in truly creative and unique ways. Their website employs a highly debated “infinite scroll” approach to navigation. This allows the site visitor to keep scrolling to access more information rather than jump around and click into new pages. 

Across the site, you’ll see a ton of bold color, eye-stopping animation, and monochrome visuals, all of which work together to create a truly distinct experience for the end-user. As a smaller team, they do a great job of highlighting the folks that work at Beans Agency with fun photography and props.

This agency clearly loves to inject humor and playfulness into the work they do, and you can easily see that across campaigns when browsing through their list of clients. When a quirky animation like this works, it really works!

Image source: Kota.co.uk

Kota is a creative web design and branding agency based in both London and New York. When you land on their website, the first thing you notice is their logo in a large font, highlighted in bright beautiful tones.

Nice, right?

Well, what’s even better than a giant logo? One that you can interact with! By hovering over the logo, you quickly realize that you can morph the logo and move it around like water.

If that one special moment doesn’t speak volumes to Kota’s ability to create immersive, creative website experiences for their clients, we don’t know what does!

Kota also has a detailed blog, which is a marketing technique we don't see a lot of agencies use on a regular basis. There’s no better way to showcase your expertise (aside from featuring your clients themselves on your site) than to create a blog for your agency.

Kota shares their creative advice and marketing tips for free, right there on their site. Who knows, if you find their content helpful, maybe you’ll reach out!

Image source: thatlot.co.uk

That Lot is a London-based social creative agency that comes up with social strategies that are platform-first.

Whether it’s social content, social strategy, platform management, or paid social, That Lot is fully equipped to support your brand’s social media presence from end to end. Similar to Mosaic, That Lot takes advantage of the entire screen space.

The visuals that appear above the fold are eye-catching – especially with its three-dimensional background video that draws you in right when you land on the page. 

As you navigate around the site, you see a consistent, bold color scheme—mostly black, white, and small bursts of pink. This reliance on a small color palette helps to keep the focus on what matters most—what the agency offers and who they are.

The black-and-white photography used throughout also gives the viewer the feeling that the agency will run your social media and content strategy behind the scenes, with your brand at the forefront. It’s only until you head into the “Our Work” section that you start to see more colors introduced. 

After taking a look at some of the best of the best marketing agency websites, we noticed some key trends and themes that seem to be consistent across them all. As you build a website for your own agency, be sure to keep these components in mind:

Not only does your website need to be visually appealing, but it also needs to be easy to navigate. You want to get straight to the point so that viewers can find what they need without digging.

Also, you don't want potential clients getting frustrated with an overly complex website, so make it as straightforward as possible for anyone to find out who you are and what you offer.

It's important to convey your brand's personality in the first few seconds of scrolling through your website. Hey, first impressions matter!

Give visitors a taste of your personality along while also directly stating what your agency offers right away. Showcasing your brand’s personality and unique selling point in creative and engaging ways is a great way to show your potential clients how you might help them tell their own stories.

Incorporating photography and video that resonate with viewers emotionally can be largely impactful when designing your website. Consider using photography that includes people working together and looking at content.

This creates a positive connection for the viewer. Also, remember the power of video and how you can use it to capture people’s attention right away when they land on your site. 

While preference toward certain colors is subjective (did you say you hated purple?), the strategic use of color can also help you convey key information quickly. Keeping your color palette simple and refined is a great way to keep the focus on your clients.

Give your clients a taste of what you could produce for them and showcase your agency’s own design chops. Let your work speak for itself. Get started by leveraging a simple yet strong color palette. 

Last but not least, leveraging interactive features such as animation or engaging videos can be a great way to show viewers your agency is skilled in this area. Remember, these components can also simply be a part of your website.

Using sparse and thoughtful touches of animations shows others you have an eye for design and simplicity. If your agency specializes in brand, design, or creative storytelling, this is a great opportunity to impress potential clients and show them your capabilities. 

While there’s certainly no shortage of amazing marketing agency websites out there, these five all stand out for different reasons.

What’s true about them all, however, is that they do a great job of showing us what they’re all about, from the services they offer to who they are, with just a few clicks.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at your agency’s own website and see where you can improve and leave your mark!