Introducing Trash Can – You Can Now Restore Deleted Items

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The Trash Can is used to restore items which have been deleted from your Teamwork Projects account within the last 30 days. There are two distinctly different Trash Cans; one for restoring data within a project and another for restoring projects. Both trash cans are only accessible to Administrators in the Owner Company.

Restoring Tasks, Milestones, Files, etc..

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All deleted items on a project are moved to the project Trash Can and can be restored from there, You’ll find the project Trash Can in the project’s Overview tab, under the Options button near the top right of screen.  Once you’re in the Trash Can, you’ll see Restore button beside each deleted item for the last 30 days. Simply click on this button to restore on any item you wish.

Restoring a project

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To restore any project deleted in the last 30 days:

  • Go to the Projects section

  • Click the Options button near the top right of the screen

  • Select Trash Can.

Again, hit restore and your project will appear.

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