Introducing Time Reminders: More filled in timesheets and time back in your day

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We’ve all been there—the wild chase to get teammates to log their time. Whether you distribute an email mid-week, comb through individual timesheets and send one-off direct messages, or post an announcement on a broader channel, chasing teammates to log their time is a big annoyance.

Enter Time Reminders! Automatic, easily generated, and customizable email and in-app notifications that’ll get your team logging their time, all while freeing you to focus on strategic work that’ll actually move the needle. Reclaim your time, reduce your workload, and confidently focus on other work knowing that reminding your team to log their time is all taken care of.

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Time Reminders Two Ways

Set up automatic reminders

Automatic Time Reminders are sent based on predetermined criteria. With flexibility in the setup, you have complete control over the best conditions for alerting your team. Configure this only once and the cadence will automatically begin and continue as desired—easy! Based on the example below, any team member who has tracked less than 50% of their available capacity for the week will get a reminder every Friday at 16:00.

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A handy “last updated” line shows who last tinkered with these conditions and when, so you have historical context. And if you’re a site administrator who doesn’t need to log their time, you can opt out of these automated reminders by disabling them under Preferences in your Profile.

Hand-select manual reminders

Perhaps a team member didn’t meet the automated reminder criteria, but they still have blanks on their timesheet. Or maybe they did meet the criteria yet still forgot to enter their time. Whatever the situation, manual Time Reminders pump up the urgency for anyone who still needs a nudge. All you have to do is locate the team member on your Company Timesheet and simply click the bell icon beside their name to send a one-off alert. With a limit of one manual plug a day, it sure is a lot easier to trigger one of these than start crafting a new DM or email.

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Short term pings = long term wins

Not only will Time Reminders give you some time back in your day, but they’ll also help ensure all aspects of your work are rooted in accuracy. As you know, time is the foundation of almost every agency, so naturally, accurately logged time is crucial for everything that follows—from billing to budgeting to resource management to profitability reporting.

Keeping the importance of time tracking front and center, Time Reminders will make time logging even more of a routine. New patterns will emerge, behaviors will shift, and of course, more timesheets will be filled in. Clicking through a reminder will land you directly in your timesheet, making it as simple as possible to input your time and set up your organization for success.

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