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Growing Your Agency Too Fast or Not Fast Enough

Figuring out the right pace of growth for your agency has always been challenging, even in normal times (remember those?). But in 2023, striking the perfect balance is harder than ever.

Maybe you’ve found yourself asking questions like:

  • Should we keep our agency operations lean and nimble so we’re ready for the next recession? 

  • Should we aim for aggressive growth and ride the wave as long as we can – before things change again?

  • Should we try to replicate whatever that agency over there is doing? 

  • Or should we just stay the course and take a “wait and see” approach?

Lucky for you, we’ve invited agency guru Drew McLellan (CEO of the Agency Management Institute) to join Teamwork’s Head of Partnerships, Logan Lyles, for a candid conversation on Wednesday, February 15th, where they’ll cover all things growth and answer your burning questions.

Come for the learnings from Drew’s one-on-one work with other small to mid-sized agencies – and stay for the feeling of pure relief when you find out you can have it all: “growth, profit, and a little sanity.”

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Logan Lyles
Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com
Logan Lyles
Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com

Logan Lyles is the Head of Partnerships at Teamwork, a project management platform built for scaling client work. Logan previously served in several leadership roles at Sweet Fish, a B2B podcast agency serving mid-market SaaS companies. Taking over sales from the agency founder in 2018, Logan helped triple the business in his first 6 months. He also played a key role in landing the agency on the Inc 5,000 List (twice), while helping the company both 10x headcount and increase ARR by 1,283%. Logan works from his home office (that’s slowly becoming a mini video studio) alongside his labradoodle, Mack, in Castle Rock, CO.

Drew McLellan
CEO of the Agency Management Institute
Drew McLellan
CEO of the Agency Management Institute

Drew has worked in advertising for 30+ years and started his own agency, McLellan Marketing Group in 1995 after a five-year stint at Y&R.

He also owns and runs Agency Management Institute (AMI), which offers agency management training, consulting and facilitates agency owner peer networks for small to mid-sized agencies (advertising, digital, marketing, media, and PR).

The mission of AMI is lofty yet simple — help agency owners increase their AGI, attract better clients and employees, mitigate the risks of being self-employed in such volatile business, and best of all — let the agency owner actually enjoy the perks of owning the joint.

Drew is still active in his agency as well, which has been around for 25+ years, and is still cooking, so much to his parents’ eternal relief, it seems to be working out.

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