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It’s About Time – Changing Your Agency’s Relationship with Time

Our relationship with time at work is on the rocks.

In our professional lives, we’re either spending too much or too little time on what's important – and that’s having a huge impact on morale and bottom lines. Even more worrisome, the confusion around where, when, and how much time we should be spending is causing a noticeable divide between employees and leaders.

It's about time to make a change.

You’ll hear:

  • Nicole’s journey starting and growing her agency, Remotish

  • Novel learnings from her time autonomy experiments

  • How to design your own time autonomy system for your agency

Plus, stick around for a live Q&A with Nicole, where she’ll answer all of your burning questions to help you create a more time-generous work culture that everyone will benefit from.

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Logan Lyles
Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com
Logan Lyles
Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com

Logan Lyles is the Head of Partnerships at Teamwork, a project management platform built for scaling client work. Logan previously served in several leadership roles at Sweet Fish, a B2B podcast agency serving mid-market SaaS companies. Taking over sales from the agency founder in 2018, Logan helped triple the business in his first 6 months. He also played a key role in landing the agency on the Inc 5,000 List (twice), while helping the company both 10x headcount and increase ARR by 1,283%. Logan works from his home office (that’s slowly becoming a mini video studio) alongside his labradoodle, Mack, in Castle Rock, CO.

Nicole Pereira
Remote Culture Advisor @CULTURISH
Nicole Pereira
Remote Culture Advisor @CULTURISH

Nicole is a serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and award-winning Remote Culture Advisor.

As the world adjusts to new ways of working, Nicole seeks to test novel methods of enhancing remote work. These tests produce processes and methods that can then be repeated at other organizations.

Her year-long time autonomy test run at Remotish yielded incredible findings about how we view time at work.

Her remote recruitment and remote onboarding processes won HubSpot's first-ever "Authentic Service Award." And she is widely regarded as a helpful thought leader in remote culture building.

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